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Upgraded our stove top because the one given was too small for cooking. This one is still rather small but we don’t have much space (or money) to put a bigger stove top. :(

When rif and I decided on the apartment of our choice, we didn’t factor in the amount of housekeeping that needs to be done. Our mini renovation and furnishing the place cost quite a fortune and left us with very little budget for anything else. So we got this robot vacuum cleaner from Lazada – I-ROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


Our new maid :D

Ordering was a breeze; rif did the browsing on the site and this one was within our budget range. Payment was fairly standard, like most online shopping sites – you either pay with credit card or perform an online bank transfer.


Delivery was prompt, but since my maids didn’t hear the doorbell, GD-Ex left a note to arrange for another delivery time. We decided to collect the vacuum instead as we didn’t know if we would be home during delivery time. *Note to self: Get things delivered to the office in future.


All charged up and ready to clean

Told my mum I was picking up my new maid and she naively believed me. Even wanted to follow me to the ‘agency’ to help me choose the right maid. Hahahaha! This ‘maid’ is fairly easy to use and we won’t have to worry about it stealing our things and running away.

rif charges the vacuum and leaves it to roam around the apartment while he heads to the office. At the moment, this is helpful because the place is super dusty from the renovation. Since I pretty much suck in vacuuming, this ‘maid’ takes up that part of the household chore.


Pretty efficient

My only gripe about it is the long charging time – 4 hours! And after charging, it cleans for about an hour before running out of battery. So 1 hour of work, and 4 hours of rest. Not a very hardworking ‘maid’, but for the price, I think it’s pretty ok. Can’t complain because maids are getting too expensive to hire these days.

Basically, I like that I don’t have to worry about missing items around the house. And our floor is a lot cleaner. Now, if only there is a robot that does mopping too! :)

photo 2

Our fridge arrived yesterday!

photo 4

Together with my portable oven. *happy dance*

If you want one, you can purchase it from Lazada. I’ve been browsing around the site and they sell a lot of stuff, including kitchen appliances (strainer, spatula, knife, etc) which I will need when we move in officially. Since we spent a bomb on a new fridge and oven (remember I said I wanted to roast chicken?), we will be eating in quite often to save money.


Yes, I love housewarming gifts. But please don’t buy me a mug. Haha!

Both our mums gave us plates, bowls and cutlery so we won’t be buying any for now. Anyone wants to buy me a knife set? Or a steamboat pot? I think I better make a list of housewarming gifts I have in mind. Friends and family, hint hint! :P

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