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Christmas 2014

by Bangsar Babe

For Christmas this year, rif and I decided it should be spent with our family and a bunch of close friends. So it’s going to be dinner at my parents on Christmas Eve and lunch with both our families and then close friends on Christmas Day.


Picked up some simple Christmas decor for our place

Been feeling under the weather for the past two weeks so I’m still not feeling particularly festive. Caught a really bad flu and fever, which didn’t go away for a whole week. Then the cough came – the dry kind that annoys me. But that didn’t stop rif and I from planning a Christmas do at our humble abode.

Planning a party – however small – still requires a lot of work. There’s the grocery shopping part, wine shopping, preparing the food items, then cooking and finally, the cleaning up. The mere mention of it makes me shudder because I hate doing housework. But I love having people over at our place. It makes our space a lot more homely.


Mince pie from Ann

At the moment, it still isn’t quite home because we haven’t had time and money to do up the place properly. There are so many things I would change – like the way-too-small shoe cupboard we bought. Having friends over helps, so long as they don’t mind the Spartan look in our home.

This year, we will be throwing a “wrap” party, inspired by one of his successful kitchen experiments. Together with one of the items I make best – baked eggs. Grocery shopping for two people is a lot simpler than doing so for fifteen of them. I cannot imagine the cutting, peeling, washing and cooking we will need to do tomorrow morning!


First attempt at skinning a pumpkin. #fail

Silly me agreed to do a pumpkin soup instead of an onion version for our guests. Skinning the pumpkin took freaking 1 hour and a lot of arm work. Gave up after I was halfway through the second one. Am taking those two pumpkins home later to my family maid so she can help. :D

I’m quite tempted to dress our two cats up to fit the Christmas theme tomorrow – maybe I’ll attach a Christmas bow to their collar hahaha!


Christmas cupcakes

Merry Christmas everyone!

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