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by Bangsar Babe

I had the liberty of having domestic help since I was a toddler, so housekeeping doesn’t come naturally to me. Even until today when I’m no longer living with my parents, I find it very, very hard to keep my home tidy because truth be told, there was always a “kakak” to do the cleaning up after me.

When I got married and moved in with rif, my in-laws took on the “kakak” role because they didn’t want me to feel pressured and also because they knew it was a huge adjustment for me to not have a maid. Now that we have our own place, the pressure is greater as we don’t have the luxury of hiring domestic help. And our weekend cleaners aren’t that thorough either. :(


Our house has quite a bit of cat fur. This is the culprit hahaha!


Mori’s home

Keeping our home clean is important because my nose gets irritated when the place is dusty. And we have Mori (and previously Toby as well) at home so that adds to the dust and dirt. We’ve been on the lookout for a reliable hand-held vacuum cleaner to help us clean our home since the cats shed quite a bit of fur and it gets into those annoying corners where my robot vacuum can’t reach.


Spot the amount of fur she sheds


And the mess she makes


When Mori meets Fluffy. She didn’t seem too pleased at first hehehe!

A friend of mine recommended Dyson since he’s been using it for a while and swears by it. So I borrowed Fluffy (yes, it’s called Dyson Fluffy) for a few weeks to see if I like her. Unlike the conventional vacuum that uses bristles, Fluffy comes with a large roller with soft woven nylon which allows it to remove fine dust and fur. What I love about Fluffy is her ability to get into those tricky corners and her digital motor V6 gives her great suction abilities so I never have to bend down or stretch for long to clean difficult areas.


Fluffy — the whole package


Powerful suction from the V6 motor


Cleans fur, dust, hair and dirt easily


I find it very easy to handle too

She helps me clean our bed too and you’d be surprised to know how much dirt we have. No you perverts. It’s not what you think. We shed skin all the time and no matter how many times we shower, there’s always going to be dead skin around. When I first used Fluffy on our bed, I was shocked at the amount of dust and particles she picked up.


I used to hate vacuuming but not now, with Fluffy in hand. :)

Fluffy is also great for cleaning cars and my car certainly needs regular cleaning since I use it a lot and I eat in her (don’t judge). She’s really easy to use and all you need to do is give her a good charge and she’s at it for a good 26 minutes. Ok in THAT sense, she’s a bit lazy lah haha. But then again, she’s so powerful and efficient that 26 minutes is all you need to clean your place.


The amount of Mori’s fur picked up in 2 minutes


Disposal of waste is easy


Move the red latch up to dislodge the base for the dirt to come out


Empty again

To clean her, simply open the dust compartment and empty it into the trash. If there’s hair stuck on her rollers, pull it out or if it’s tangled, use a scissors to cut it up (the hair, not the roller) for easy removal. It’s been 6 months since I first started using Fluffy and we now have our very own Dyson Fluffy to clean our home. Yeah, my friend took her back because he misses her.


Mori’s home, after Fluffy had a go


With Fluffy, we don’t have to call our part-time cleaners every week. They now come over once a fortnight. She does most of the basic work these days. :)

If you’re interested, you can get your own Dyson Fluffy (RM3259 – including GST) from the stores below. Or click here for more store options.

  • Harvey Norman
  • Houz Depot PJ
  • Home Fix
  • SENQ
  • Parkson
  • Best Denki 1 Utama
  • Tan Boon Ming (TBM)
  • AEON

While I agree that Fluffy’s pricing is slightly higher than some vacuum cleaners in the market, she is the best I’ve used thus far. Storage is super easy as she’s small (9.8 x 47.5 x 8.2 inches) and relatively light (4.7kg) – great for those with a shortage of space at home.

So, when are you getting your Fluffy? :)

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