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Our Christmas Celebration

by Bangsar Babe

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our family and loved ones. Was still at the office on Christmas Eve before heading home to my parents for our yearly turkey dinner, which my dad ordered from a friend. Made a pitstop to deliver cupcakes to a few people and picked up some sausages from Jason’s Food Hall as my two sisters forgot to put them in their shopping list.


Christmas Eve dinner at my parent’s

The turkey this year was significantly smaller than the one we got last year. Not sure why, but it seems all birds are smaller (or at least they look so) from the pictures on my Facebook feed. But it was the best turkey I’ve tried. The meat was surprisingly tasty and I loved the brown gravy they served. rif made his lasagna and my sister whipped up a Shepherd’s Pie with some potato salad. And we had champagne, which my mum proclaimed to be “the foulest alcohol she has sipped” hahaha!


A rather small bird this year


Pumpkin soup, at 3am

Went home around 10pm to prep for our lunch on Christmas Day – wash vegetables, cut vegetables, shred chicken and the worst part of all, grilling and blending the pumpkin for the pumpkin soup I was serving. That took a long time because we had two pumpkins to work with and by the time I managed to blend everything, it was 3am! :shock:


Our humble Christmas spread. There was more food on the stove and in the oven. Hehehe…


Didn’t do much Christmas decor. Just little touches here and there.


We DIY-ed the cupcake stand using my mother in-law’s plate stand. The top layer cupcake is from Bisou (thank you!) and the bottom tier is made by my sister in-law.

We woke up at 8am (after two alarm snoozes) to continue prepping, and our home was ready for guests by 11am. Toby and Mori were especially well-behaved yesterday, which was good because they were pretty friendly towards our guests. Their Aunty Hanim got them a pressie too and we fed it to them for Christmas dinner. It was gone in 5 minutes.


Christmas pressie


He ripped off the bow immediately!



Turned Toby into a present. :P

After our friends left, we cleaned up the place and kept all the leftover food. One major adjustment we’ve had to make when Toby and Mori came along was no food on the table surface. The cats would pounce on them. So we make sure there’s nothing edible on the kitchen island, countertop and dining table before heading out every day. Else, there would be a mess when we get back.


At Royal Flush

Then we went to dinner at Royal Flush to celebrate my granduncle’s 80th Birthday. It was our first time at the restaurant and I wasn’t impressed with the food, despite the menu being somewhat premium. There was nothing I found memorable about the dishes we had; not even the whole abalone with sea cucumber.


Gifts for the girls. Turned my earring holder into a gift stand. :)


Thank you Mei Shum, for the pressies!

But Christmas was good on a whole. We accomplished what we set out to do and hope our friends had fun. To those who came, thank you for making our Christmas special!

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