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Dyson Fluffy

Dyson Fluffy

I had the liberty of having domestic help since I was a toddler, so housekeeping doesn’t come naturally to me. Even until today when I’m no longer living with my parents, I find it very, very hard to keep my home tidy because truth be told, there was always a “kakak” to do the cleaning […]

October 6, 2014

Staying Home

I’ve been on a week-long medical leave following my accident and while the rest was useful for my recovery, I was beginning to feel restless. The bruises are (still) horrible and while the stitches were removed, I have to deal with an inch long scar on my forehead. Something I’ll need to get used to […]

Kitchen Tales #2

Of late, rif and I try to cook at home because it’s cheaper and supposedly healthier. At least that’s how I feel because we shop for the ingredients and we usually go for quality. Also, I’ve been buying more kitchen items, like a Korean stone bowl, casserole bowl, blow torch and large white plates. Truth […]

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