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Dyson Pure Cool Link

by Bangsar Babe

I’ve been using the Dyson Pure Cool Link for close to 4 months now – a state-of-the-art air purifier that claims to clean the air within minutes. As we do quite a bit of cooking and entertaining in our home, I find the Pure Cool Link extremely helpful in purifying the air quickly. I’ve used it for three house parties and it does the job rather well as the air quality in our living/dining area remained good throughout.



Connect your smartphone to the Dyson Link app

Dyson Pure Cool Link also comes with Wi-Fi and it connects to the Dyson Link app (available on Android and iOS). This allows you to control your machine from your smartphone, allowing you to set a timer, monitor air conditions and obtain information such as pollution levels and filter condition. I got the Dyson Pure Cool Link in my favourite shade – blue. It’s not only a reliable air purifier, but an attractive one too.


Automatically monitors, reacts and purifies

Using it is fairly simple – just plug it in like you normally would with any fan/air purifier and hit the power button to get it started. You can opt to customize your settings or switch it to automatic; I do the latter. The Dyson Pure Cool Link is quite light so it’s easy portable from room to room. We usually leave it in the living room/dining area as it is the place which requires the most help.


Remotely control your environment

Mori runs around the area too and she’s not exactly the cleanest of cats. This comes in very handy because while our Dyson Fluffy does the job in keeping the place fur-free, it doesn’t take away the smell from her poop/pee. Dyson Pure Cool Link does that with ease. On a busy night with friends over, the Pure Cool Link takes between 20 to 30 minutes to improve the air condition in our dining area.


You can obtain air quality reading around the fan and review the usage chart throughout the day/week

It removes smells quite quickly under level 4-5 fan speed. I did notice that it becomes a bit noisy at level 10 fan speed so if you’re planning a quiet conversation, keep the fan speed to 7 or below. The remote control magnetically attaches to the top of the fan, which Mori loves playing with so we kept it away from her.


I find the airflow more targeted compared to a traditional air purifier, thanks to its Air Multiplier™ technology. This effectively channels and projects the airflow to the room, ensuring the air is clean and the room is cool. What you shouldn’t expect the Dyson Pure Cool Link to do is “air conditioning” – it is still a (cooling) fan.


Using the Dyson Link app, you’re able to obtain air quality reading around the fan, and review the usage chart throughout the day/week, and how often was the Pure Cool Link active. If you’re prone to sinus or allergies, there are also air quality targets you can set such as, “sensitive to particles and pollutants” and “very sensitive to particles and pollutants”.

This will then prompt the machine to respond accordingly when cleaning the air. I find this helpful if you have a newborn at home. This app allows you to constantly monitor air conditions for the betterment of your child. ;)


All in, I really do like the Dyson Pure Cool Link – it does what it needs to do well and it’s easy to use. For RM3399, it’s quite a bit of money to pay for an air purifier but I’ve used several air purifiers for a fraction of the price and none of them (in the same category) came close to what the Dyson Pure Cool Link can do.

For more information about Dyson Pure Cool Link, visit the official website here and follow them on Facebook here.

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