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Home Updates #2

by Bangsar Babe

There seems to be a terribly flu bug going around as I’ve been feeling under the weather since last Saturday. It started with sniffles then a blocked nose and sore throat, before the fever kicked in. Managed to keep it suppressed for the first two days with plenty of Vitamin C, but in the end, my body gave way.

rif and I have been working on a project to restore some old furniture we got from his parents and grandfather. I thought painting would be easy but it’s quite a tedious process not to mention the paint odour which stays on for days! We still have two pieces to go and I’m already dreading the thought of having to pick up the brush.


Super playful Mori

Mori is settling in just fine though she’s much more mischievous compared to Toby. While he’s the docile one, she can be quite feisty especially when there’s food. Often, we’ve had to restrain her to allow Toby to eat first as she would push him aside and eat the food. That kitty super kiasu! But she follows Toby wherever he goes and whatever he does. Managed to take a picture of them in a sitting position, wanting me to pet them. #cutemax


Obedience training #fail


Sharing the bed. Toby isn’t too pleased though lol!


Cat fight

We just neutered Toby two days ago as he’s become quite aggressive towards rif. Fortunately, he’s still very manja towards me. I think he was having issues with authority since rif is the bad cop at home. But he’s getting better now although he isn’t as active because of the stitches. He’s almost 7 months old and as I was told by the vet, is of the right age to neuter.


Fettuccine aglio olio with mushrooms and truffle oil by yours truly

Haven’t done much cooking at home though rif has been more hands on in the kitchen. He made me a monstrous mac and cheese burger once and it was so big I had trouble finishing it. And he makes yummy wraps from our leftover ayam percik. I’m determined to leave more chicken leftovers so we get to eat wraps the following day hahaha! :P


Mac & Cheese burger


rif’s ayam percik wrap

We’re hosting lunch with our friends and family soon, and rif will be making his wrap for them. It’s more of a DIY wrap party with other brunch items of course. Fingers crossed, our friends would like it as much as I do. I successfully made banoffee pie after two failed attempts. Will be using a bit of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for now on. Saves me quite a bit of money too (cost to make a whole pie is about RM20), because I usually pay about RM15 per slice outside.


Banoffee pie success

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