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Home Updates #2

Home Updates #2

There seems to be a terribly flu bug going around as I’ve been feeling under the weather since last Saturday. It started with sniffles then a blocked nose and sore throat, before the fever kicked in. Managed to keep it suppressed for the first two days with plenty of Vitamin C, but in the end, […]

Morelli’s, Bangsar

I remember the first time I ate gelato… It was late summer in Rome, when I joined the insanely long queue to visit the Vatican City. As I waited (impatiently) in line, I spotted Old Bridge, a gelateria that is reputed to serve the best gelato in Italy. I walked across to get some and […]

An ideal housewarming gift!

The haze has been super terrible this past two weeks and I’m pretty sure the API index is more than 200 today. I dread walking from the train station to office because despite wearing a face mask, I can still smell the pollution. 😯 My sister in-law and her husband gave us a Honeywell air […]

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