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Our new kitchen island

Our new place is starting to feel like home – a little bit each day. We recently installed a kitchen island for more storage space and I love it. I now have more room to prepare food and the extra space comes in handy when I have friends over.


Peanut butter ice cream success!


Bruschetta, inspired by Beato Steakhouse

I’ve been cooking every now and then – mostly brunch items like baked eggs, and pancakes, ice cream (since we have an ice cream maker) and most recently, bruschetta. Ate it at Beato and loved it, so I tried replicating one at home. Am serving this for the next brunch I host hehe! ;)


One day, I shall master the cooking of Nyonya curry and asam fish. :)

Since rif loves his curry, I’ve started making them from scratch since the Peranakan in him doesn’t like curries from powder mix. :roll: Am going to attempt to make asam fish next using my mother in-law’s recipe, when I get my hands on some ikan pari (stingray). :)

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KY March 5, 2014 - 1:54 pm

congrats on the new home, love the kitchen island, if i have anew place I must have a kitchen island too!

Bangsar Babe March 5, 2014 - 2:00 pm

Thanks KY! :D

Yes, a kitchen island would be super handy. Especially since you like to cook. ;)


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