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September 24, 2013



We’ve been staying at our new place for a week now and are moving our things in bit by bit. For now, we got most of the basics covered. Our home is still pretty bare because we’ve yet to decorate it. There are many things we want to do to spruce things up, but these are all in our ‘want’ list and until we have better cash flow, they can wait.


1/10 of my wardrobe. Moving the clothes bit by bit hehehe… 😉

The renovation dust has yet to settle so it’s been quite tedious cleaning the place constantly. Even with the robot vacuum cleaner, we still need to do a lot of cleaning up — mopping the floor and wiping the windows. I’ve started cooking at the apartment and to be honest, I hate my ceramic stovetop.


Baked eggs. Hate that there’s no sourdough bread in Tesco. 🙄

We paid an extra RM750 to upgrade it to a larger top (with 4 heating elements) but turns out, two can’t be used because they aren’t ‘compatible’ with my pots and pans wtf. So we have to spend more $$ to buy the right pot to use on this stovetop. Damn tulan now because how the hell am I going to prepare a 3 dish meal with just two stovetops?!


RM750 top up for this. 😯

I just realised Tesco isn’t all that good when it comes to groceries. The fresh produce there aren’t fresh at all and the meats look as though they’ve been through some train wreck or something. Am missing the luxury of shopping at Jasons Food Hall and Village Grocer now. Yes they are more expensive but I’d rather pay for quality. I also noticed how cheapskate some Tesco customers can be – they open up egg boxes and fruit boxes to exchange and pick the best of the lot. Bloody cheapskates!

Since it’s a SoHo unit, I found it difficult to cook without the entire apartment smelling like food. And the kitchen is small so it’s hard to move around. We’re looking to buy/make a kitchen island so that’s probably our next purchase. Every day, I can smell my next door neighbour’s dinner from my balcony – they seem to like curry a lot. And the neighbour opposite me likes stir-fry. I’ve yet to come across a neighbour with belacan coming out of their front door hahaha! 😛


Fresh fish? Looks pretty dead to me. Pftttt!

Last weekend, I went to NSK for the first time and the place was chaos. NSK carries almost everything a household needs except gourmet items. Pricewise, it’s cheaper than your average supermarket and seemingly fresher too. That said, I won’t be buying fish anytime soon. Don’t know how to tell if they’re fresh or not. Will let my mum and mum in-law help me with that.

We scored a good deal for a second hand leather sofa in good condition and it has now become rif’s favourite spot since he watches TV and I don’t. I hate the curtains in the master bedroom – the contractor didn’t do a good job with it and I only noticed it when a friend pointed that out. 😯 😥


Comfy bed. It has to be…since it’s Getha. 😉

I wish I could afford a piano but given our tight budget, that’s not possible. So I’ll be going home to my parent’s (about 10 minutes away) to teach piano on Saturdays. Maybe I should start teaching English since that doesn’t require expensive equipment – just textbooks and stationary. #justsaying

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6 Responses

  1. moving house is not easy. starting from scratch (takes time) nonetheless, you need sometime to adapt to the new surroundings. big or small is immaterial. what’s important “home sweet home”.

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Yeah, that you’re right Jonathan. 😉

  2. Pinky

    Happy to see you settling in your new home. if you want to get fresh vegetables Ifrom tesco, go on sunday morning as early as 8am. Amongst the Tesco, the only outlet with fresh stuff is located near Curve. I don’t recommend meat stuff cos it’s low quality. Fresh meat must get from wet market. btw, i like your sofa, was thinking of changing mine now that’s more than 10 years. Since i’m on tight budget as well, where would you reckon i look for one?

  3. Nani

    I would like to recommend you Hero at TTDI Plaza for your grocery shopping. Its behind Antonio and Dolly Kuey Teow, near TTDI market. The meat and vege are fresh, and lots of choices for other household, imported or local. I use to frequent TMC Bangsar, but really dislike how cramped and disorganised things are and some of the cashier do have attitude when I shove my full trolley.

    I also love the Mello Yello bakery there, I tell you the scones and durian crepe are to die for!!!

    1. Bangsar Babe

      Hi Nani,

      Thanks for sharing this. Really could use someone to help me clean fish because I have no idea how to ‘siang’. 😛

  4. Nani

    And yes, Hero cleans the fish for you FOC!

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