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A change in perspective

by Bangsar Babe

Was doing my performance evaluation with my immediate supervisor when he made a comment about how things would have been different if I hadn’t joined the corporate field. He was somewhat right – I think I’ve been put through a good amount of stressful situations, office politics and chauvinists, and managed to come out of this in one piece. Save for a few dents here and there. ;)

Being a corporate professional makes me see things in a different light and to some extent, forces me to grow up and break out from a mould I’ve been stuck with for a long time. It also allowed me to see even more clearly, the shallow nature of the people I used to hang out with and how not all the parties in town are worth going for.

It took me more than two years to see things from this perspective and I was surprised my supervisor noticed the change. All this was done over a cup of coffee and several spread sheets documenting my key achievements in the past year. #pleasegivememorebonusthankyou


First selfie in Guangzhou


Obligatory travel shot

Work stuff aside, rif and I went to Guangzhou for a short holiday to escape the scorching heat in Kuala Lumpur. The weather was nice and chilly where we were there and the people were generally nicer than those in Shanghai and Beijing. This city is less polluted too, but still more polluted than Malaysia in general.



Sent our cats to my parents for babysitting while we were away and these rascals were apparently naughty as hell. Even Teddy the maltese was scared of them! Toby bit Mori in the butt during one of their fights and my sister had to take her to the vet to get it checked. So now, poor Mori has a bald and swollen patch on her butt and she’s constantly licking the wound. We’ll need to get her a cone if this continues.


Battle scar

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow, once I shrug off this holiday mode. Hahaha! :P

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