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I wanted a peephole for my door ever since rif and I collected the keys in March this year. My reasoning to him for this was that I wanted to be able to see who’s outside my door without opening it. In case of danger.

But the security for our place is pretty tight (even our movers had problems getting permission to enter the building) so he didn’t see the need to install a peephole.


I insisted. And insisted. And insisted. Until he gave in.

So he bought me a peephole from Houz Depot and we fixed it in on the day itself. I marked the spot where I wanted the peephole to be and rif just agreed because I was in a very snappy mood that day and he didn’t want to step on my tail.

“You sure that’s where you want to drill the hole?”

“Yes. WHY?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to make sure.”

(rif starts drilling)


See how badly I wanted a peephole?

And I took over after that because I wanted the hole for the peephole to be nice. Took me about 2 hours to fix the entire thing. And I even bought superglue to secure the peephole.

Wiped my door and polished the peephole. Then I realised.

I have to TIP TOE to look into the damn hole. I was so intent on fixing a peephole I forgot to consider the fact that I’m taller than an average Malaysian girl. At the end of the day, only rif who’s 6ft tall gets to use the peephole comfortably.

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

And it doesn’t help that my mum who is 3 inches taller than me said, “You can reach the hole meh?”

*rubs salt into wound*

So this peephole will only be functional for rif (who didn’t even want it in the first place) and decorative for me. Unless I wear my 5-inch heels around the house. :oops:


To console myself, here’s my cute little iron which I call “Crouching Tiger, Squatting Monkey”. It’s a gift from my dad’s friend, who owns a shop in South City Plaza. I don’t know which shop though so you’ll have to hunt for it.

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Jules September 14, 2013 - 4:01 am

Yup – 5 inch heels around the house. Perfect ;-)


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