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Delivered to our doorstep

Getha delivered our new bed in June, but due to the many defects in our apartment unit and countless reminders to the developer and contractor to get their act together, I didn’t want the Getha boys to assemble my new bed just yet. In case it gets damaged during the apartment repairs. :(

When things were looking better in our unit, rif and his brother did the setting up of the bed as we didn’t want to trouble the folks at Getha further.



Pity our place was still in a mess, no thanks to the shoddy workmanship. :roll:

As mentioned in my first Getha post, We picked the Transforme 360 mattress series because I found it the most comfortable and it reminded me of the plush hotel beds I’ve been pampered with. That’s the thing about hotel reviews – I got so accustomed to the beds that I seek such comfort in my future bed.


Getha uses 100% natural latex from Malaysia

The surface of the mattress is embedded with bamboo charcoal yarns, said to promote better sleep quality and reduce body static. This bed is made with independent micro pocketed spring and layers of 100% pure natural latex for support and the sweet slumber I need. As I mentioned before, there is no single mattress style for everyone. It really depends on your preference and this was my preferred choice.


rif attempts to assemble our bed


Halfway there…

And seeing how hot the Malaysian weather can get, this mattress offers better ventilation and anti-bacterial protection. I’ve had problems in the past where the side of bed I sleep on gets to seasoned and over time, lopsided. This is especially evident when rif and I share a bed because of our weight difference. His side is naturally more lopsided than mine.


Success!! :D

The Transforme 360 claims to evenly distribute body weight and friends of mine who use this mattress confirmed this. It also offers pressure relief with Anti-Static Protection (ASP) infused with Bamboo Charcoal Yarn and Nano Ag Technology. I can’t wait to test this out when we move into our new place soon.


Time to shop for Egyptian cotton bed sheets haha!

It’s going to take another 2-3 weeks before we can finally call this place our home. As of now, rif and I are busy shopping for new sheets for our Getha bed set.

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