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During one of our grocery shopping stints, rif insisted on buying this packet of watermelon seeds so he can start a watermelon patch on our apartment balcony. Whatever la, since he’s super into gardens and green stuff…like his mum.

Every morning before heading to work, he would water all the plants (lovingly) and remark at how much they have grown bla bla bla! Of course, I pretend to be the interested and play the supportive wife role.


Kaffir lime leaves, basil and curry leaves


And other plants I don’t have a clue of

Yesterday morning, I stepped out to look at our balcony after a few weeks of not doing so and realised we actually have a mini garden going on! I have basil, lemongrass, curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves, amongst other unknown plants mum in-law planted when she came over.

Anyway, back to the watermelon seeds.


RM 2.

So we opened the packet only to find a few meagre seeds inside. Actually, I counted 12… so wtf RM2 for this?! I might as well buy half a watermelon for RM6, enjoy the contents and spit out the seeds. Heck, I’m pretty sure I’ll get more seeds that this! Kena con. :shock:

Oh well, that’s my watermelon seed story. Will update again IF we manage to get a watermelon patch out of this.

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