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Now that I have my own kitchen, I get to cook the things I want without getting in the way of our mothers. But I haven’t been cooking as often as I would like to. Because these days, I only get home from work around 8.30pm.

At best, I would make quick meals of grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, baked eggs, tom yam soup and simple stir-fries. My curries are prepared using Baba’s because it’s faster. :shock: So after a few times, rif started craving proper curries. His mum makes good curry by the way.


Traumatised…from cleaning fish!

Last Sunday, our parents came to dinner. He speed dialled his mother for Nyonya curry while I got my mum to make her organic steamed chicken. And I did a poor attempt of steaming a whole fish for the first time.


Nyonya curry chicken


Steamed organic chicken


Steamed fish with ginger and garlic

Never knew there was so much gunk inside a fish. Thank you all for sharing your tips on how to clean a fish/get the fishmonger to do it. SI made steamed fish with ginger, garlic, sesame oil and soy sauce and steamed chicken egg with century egg slices.


Jiu hu char

His mum also made jiu hu char and brought along half a roasted duck. It was a feast and one rif and I were pleased to tuck into. He got his curry and I got my organic steamed chicken. We should have family dinners more often – because our mummies will inevitably cook our favourite dishes for us. Hehe…


Dinner made complete, by our mummies. :D

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Melissa October 9, 2013 - 12:14 pm

That’s a very nice dinner feast!! *Like*
I also buy those ready made curry paste from supermarket. Hassle free…hehe…

Bangsar Babe October 9, 2013 - 1:39 pm

Yeah, am so glad both mummies came to the rescue. :D

Hahaha it’s time to stock up on fresh curry paste at the TTDI market. My mum said they sell those there.


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