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by Bangsar Babe

November is the month of the year that represents a combination of anniversaries, happy and sad. It is also a month I spend a bit more time pondering about the possibilities and reflecting on the past.


Bangsar Babe’s 8th Anniversary 2015 // Kuala Lumpur from Nigel Sia on Vimeo.

November is the month Bangsar Babe celebrates another year of existence and growth – a month to commemorate how Jien and I first started this website that eventually grew into a brand. A month to remember and reflect on the hardships, failures and successes that the team endured in the past year; to make the brand even stronger than it was the year before.



November is the month my better half turns a year older – one I look forward to celebrating the man who has stood by me through thick and thin. The man who loves me unconditionally despite my shortcomings and one who puts my needs and wants above his own, because he encourages me to reach for the sky.


November is the month I took a leap of faith and founded my agency, which opened my eyes to the world (and vulnerabilities) of entrepreneurship. The month that marks the first year of me starting out on my own where I fought through scepticism and tackled the ups and downs of building a team I can be proud of.

A team that represents the very principle of why I started the agency. I’ve lost people along the way; those who didn’t echo the same vision I have. The experience knocked me down several times and I was forced to pick myself up, dust myself and continue fighting for what I believe in.


November is the month my better half and I celebrate our fifth year as man and wife. A reminder of how hard we fought to make it till this day – in some way, it is a form of assurance that we can journey through life’s many obstacles. It also marks how I’ve become a part of his family; a family that welcomed me with open arms and open hearts.



November is the month I lost my beloved mother, and with this, the family bond that she held together eventually shattered, unable to sustain the blow of ego and new found relationship.

November is the month that reminds me of my mother; a woman who braved the battle of cancer and whose courage gives me great strength and determination to defy the odds and curveballs life throws at me. A woman who didn’t receive the love she deserved as a child, but gave so much love to her children and those around her.


November is bittersweet and filled with memories that brings tears of joy and pain. A month that I know will make me stronger than I was before.


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