My job is my life. I feel so pathetic whenever I turn down invitations to meet up or have dinner with friends. I hate that I jumped straight to work right after graduation. And my first job in publishing was a rather unpleasant one. Sure, I had the perks of writing what I wanted and getting my work published for 25,000 readers to see. I also received plenty of freebies and occasionally, free food. They wanted me to write good reviews about their food, so of course, I must be fed well. 3 months down the road, I got sick of being under-appreciated and overworked so I decided to pack up and leave, even though I loved the nature of that job.

My ex-boss wasn’t happy about me walking out on him. He even said and I quote “I think you’re being very silly. It’s foolish of you to quit and do nothing at home. You are going to regret this”. I hate to disappoint that dumba**, but I immediately got a job and it was a MUCH better job overall. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I couldn’t write as freely as I wanted to.

Being in advertising requires me to listen to what the client wants and most of the time, they are difficult and a pain in the butt. In a nutshell, I miss writing. Terribly so. So here I am with my first post … after many many failed attempts from my ex-colleagues and friends in getting me to write a blog.

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nu May 8, 2012 - 11:55 pm

i love ur blog soo much its soo lively..i recently thought of starting ablog too can u give some tips pls…how do u make it soo good !! =)


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