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Motherhood – May Jynn turns 1

Happy 1st Birthday, my darling daughter!

by Bangsar Babe

Up until 4 years ago, the idea of being a mother seemed foreign to me. I saw myself as someone who’s more career-oriented rather than someone’s mummy. That all changed the moment I had May Anne. And then, May Jynn.


And just like that, May Jynn is 1!


Life before my children was kinetic. I was a go-getter, rushing from one meeting to another. Being a mother to my two daughters shifted my perspective in life. It is back-breaking, soul-sucking and purpose-giving. Yet it gives me so much fulfilment and completeness.


We love you so much, May Jynn.

Happy 1st Birthday, May Jynn. You can be headstrong, rowdy and sometimes downright naughty. That’s how I know you’re my daughter. ❤️



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