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Slightly older than a decade

by Bangsar Babe

6 November 2018

This year has been a rollercoaster for me as I take on a new role – motherhood. On top of my existing roles of a writer, social media personality, creative director and wife. Amidst the chaos of juggling (and naturally, prioritising our daughter), here’s me taking some time to properly celebrate the blog and brand turning 11.

Gosh, eleven years!

Even till today, I still remember that very moment I penned down my prologue, editing it over and over again because it’s the first blog post for Bangsarbabe.com. I reckon my writing style has evolved, along with some parts of my lifestyle.

But the fundamentals for my blogging remains the same – my love for writing and freedom of speech. From the very beginning of Bangsarbabe.com, I was able to write what I want, how I like and when I feel like it.

And 11 years on, I’m still doing the same and loving every bit of it. To those who have been following me on this journey, thank you. To my mentors, thank you for the years of guidance and sharpening of writing skills.

To Jien, whom I owe a lot of Bangsar Babe’s success to, thank you – for always thinking a few steps ahead, for keeping me as grounded as possible and for always putting my passion and needs before anything else.

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