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The past 21 days of Movement Control Order went by quicker than I’d expected. I was thinking to myself a couple of days before it happened – that I could really use a break. That I could use a relaxing getaway.

Then MCO happened.



Spending the weekend with my two babies

I didn’t get the break I had in mind, nor did I get the chance to plan for that relaxing getaway. What I got was a reset. A realignment of priorities, a different perspective and my most important lesson of all; learning how to count my blessings.

Since MCO, (my team) and I were busy making sure our clients, especially those in F&B, were properly sorted on the digital space during these trying times. It hasn’t been easy for us because the regulations kept changing along the way.

I wasn’t able to sit down with my team members to communicate with them face to face on the things needed to be done and changes to be made. I’ll admit, working from home (as a team) is a longer and more frustrating process. But it wasn’t recently that I realised, just how lucky I am. How lucky the team members at Rhombus Consulting are.

We still have a job.

Clients are still communicating with us daily. Some of their communication span across more than 500 text messages followed by several emails to recap the changes required in our marketing plans; daily. Adjustments had to be made and it is and still will be a tad painful for the company wallet. But I’m glad we didn’t have to go to the extent of letting staff go.


Jien’s mee goreng, using our “Hokkien Mee” stove


On the family front, nothing has really changed apart from me seeing Jien literally 24/7. Though he might find me annoying now that I’m in his face all the time. May Anne has been going to the office with me from birth till now so that part remains the same. We now spend a lot of time cooking – mostly Jien flexing his sous vide and barbecue skills – and eating together in our lounge.


Baking bread, since there weren’t any left in the supermarket when MCO started.


Homemade pizza from scratch

I’ve been baking a lot more (bread), catching up on the books I never had time to dive into and teaching May Anne more new words and the joy of reading. I have amazing people who look out for me and send me food regularly, and the fact that I’m also able to return those acts of kindness to others makes me grateful.


Care package from JesslynnIMG-4577

Thanks Tiny Temptress, for these!

We’re fortunate to have a roof over our heads and sufficient to eat. Not everyone can say the same, I realised. To those who are facing difficulties, I hope and pray things will eventually get better for you and your loved ones. To those who are able, try and help those in need.

Stay safe at home everyone. May we all come out stronger after this is over.

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