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Bangsar Babe’s 8th Anniversary

by Bangsar Babe

As many of you probably noticed on Facebook and Instagram, Bangsarbabe.com celebrated 8 years of blogging and social media success on 5th November 2015, and Haig Club supported the event as our main sponsor.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00105

Checking out The Bangsar Babe cocktail that night

rif and I have been planning this since March and we’re so glad to have Haig Club on board with us to ensure the event is successful. We celebrated the occasion with people who helped build the Bangsar Babe brand – PR, F&B, hotels and brand owners from various industries.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00095

Overall setup before the guests arrived

I’m fortunate to have a good team – the folks at Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia, the Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur team and our personal friends who helped us out with the registration booth and event flow that night.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00075

Dessert table by Bisou

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00022

Haig Club bar

Planning this night wasn’t easy, especially since there’s only two of us and we didn’t use an events company to help us out. But we persevered, focused and stayed true to the course. Bangsar Babe’s 8th Anniversary was done differently from most events we’ve attended – rif and I insisted on the best cocktails and top notch canapés for our guests.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00000

The Bangsar Babe cocktail menu

I’m glad the MHDM team working with us on this event supported our vision for this event. As an influencer, I feel Haig Club is an extremely versatile liquid – from drinking it neat to curating some of the best cocktails possible.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00003

Canapes menu

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00152

Canapes were consistently going around

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00195

The Bangsar Babe, paired with Amarena sherbert, light cream of pistachio and almond milk, pear coulis & meringue

Chef Antoine and I came up with nine special canapés for the night, and three of them were paired with the Haig Club cocktails that I curated with the best bartenders in town. And if I may say so myself, the canapés were amazing! There was Hokkaido scallops, coddled egg with foie gras, sweet potato kofta with smoky duck ragout, amarena sherbert and the rest, you can view from the canapés menu.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00032

Joel, putting the finishing touches to his cocktail

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00039

Herb Haig by Joel John

I also handpicked the bartenders that night and personally went through a tasting session to curate the three cocktails features that night – Breakfast London by Osmund Bernard, Herb Haig by Joel John and The Bangsar Babe by Shawn Chong. We wanted to allow our guests to experience a little bit of what I experienced in London and Miami, hence the creation of the first two cocktails. Haig Club London and Haig Club Miami featured some of the best cocktails I’ve tried and the food pairing was also impeccable.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00052

Osmund, making Breakfast London

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00062

Breakfast London by Osmund Bernard

So I decided to do my level best in curating both cocktails and canapés for the night. Am glad it worked out very well and from feedback (by some of the pickiest people I know), the cocktails and canapés were truly top class. I wanted to showcase the abilities of our local bartenders and how their cocktails are as good (or even better) than the ones I’ve tried in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and London.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00016

The Bangsar Babe, by Shawn Chong

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00013

Finishing touches

The Bangsar Babe was a tricky cocktail to make because it was a cocktail to mark the collaboration between Bangsar Babe and Haig Club. Shawn and I went through a series of cocktails and after a few trials, we finally found The Bangsar Babe. This cocktail has plenty of Bangsar Babe’s elements inside and it also brings out the tasting notes of Haig Club.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00197

Chef Antoine, taking about his canapes pairing with Haig Club

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00206

My thoughts on The Bangsar Babe (of course I love it haha!)

To Shawn, Osmund and Joel, you guys have outdone yourselves. Thank you for working with me on this event and I hope I didn’t give you too much of a hard time during the selection process.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00242

My speech for the night

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00228

Rajesh Joshi of Moet Hennessy Diageo

Thank you Haig Club, for believing in the Bangsar Babe brand and for all the opportunities given thus far. It’s been a great pleasure being your appointed brand influencer for Malaysia and I look forward to a stronger partnership moving forward.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00235

Presenting the video David and I did specially for the event

Thank you David, for personally autographing the five Haig Club bottles that I gave away to my guests that night. And thank you for being such a good sport and for helping me create a video message for my guests.

I would also like to thank Nigel Sia and his team, for coming on board as our official videographer. rif and I can’t thank you and Kel Li enough for your support and for always having our best interest.

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00114

Lucky draw prizes. Spot the signed bottles by David Beckham

Each guest went home with the newly launched Haig Club Mini, which Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia generously provided. Special shout-outs to Panasonic Malaysia and Microsoft Malaysia for the lucky draw prizes, Loreal Professional for supplementing the door gift and Bisou for the beautiful dessert table!

Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary_00244

Photobooth pictures

To the people who attended Bangsar Babe’s 8th Anniversary, thank you for your support all these years. The brand wouldn’t have grown this much and come this far without your help. We hope you had a good time that night and for those of you who won the lucky draw, congratulations and enjoy the prize!

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Main Sponsor: HAIG CLUB
Dress: Wedding Isle Gallery
Videography: Nigel Sia | Visual Storytelling
Hair: Vlee Lau
Door Gift: HAIG CLUB & L’Oréal Professionnel
Lucky Draw: Panasonic Malaysia & Microsoft Malaysia
Dessert: Bisou Bakeshop

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