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I used to be worried about what other people said about me, to a point I was worried to voice out what I thought. Especially when my thoughts aren’t in sync with them. But over the years, I learnt that I can’t please everyone, and no matter how hard I try, there are always going to be a few people who dislike me.

But the one thing my better half taught me (and he lead by example) was not to let other people’s opinion drown mine. Especially if the other person isn’t a true friend or doesn’t know me well enough to comment. So I heeded his advice. I still get a good amount of haters, nay-sayers and sometimes, social friends who make negative remarks. But I’ve learnt to see past that.

This is one of the quotes I live by:


And I’m so glad for the true friends who understand and support me. *hugs*


Anyway, Mico came back from the groomer and I think she looks like a poodle. We had to cut her fur really short as it grows super fast. A trip to the groomer cost RM90. That’s more expensive that my own haircut. She merajuk because we left her at the groomer’s for 3 hours. :roll:

But she’s a good cat. Really manja and we love her. Wayyyyy more manja than our other cat Melanie and Adrianna, who was killed in a hit and run. #stupiddrivershouldrotinhell

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