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Melanie was 4 months old when my brother brought her back to our family home. That was the middle of 2009 and he found her amidst a construction area almost mulled by a dog. Her brother cat did not survive but my brother managed to save her. He took her back to his campus and later that week, to our family home where she would live the next 6 years of her life in comfort.

She was killed last night when a moron ran over her and left her to die. :cry:

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4 months old

Unlike Miko (a Persian), Melanie is independent and a wanderer. I reckon it’s her nature since she was a stray and was used to walking around. She grew well with us. Too well, I reckon because she became rather overweight after 2 years. My parents feed our cats with only the best and that includes cheese crackers, salmon treats and vitamin cookies. Melanie loved them.

She liked having her behind pat head massages make her purr. Each time those bright blue eyes starred at us, we knew she wanted to be caressed and we always made sure we did. She was a great cat — no air and albeit shy, she was friendly to the family members especially my dad.

Melanie loved durian and I was always happy to give her my portion of the fruit since I’m not a fan. And she ate them like a pro. Even knew how to eat the thin layer surrounding the seed.

Last night, we let her out for her regular walk at 8.30pm. She would usually come back within an hour for her treats. But she never returned. My brother found her dead just a few doors down the road; her body cold.


She was such a well behaved cat

I can’t believe she’s gone. That when I go home to my parents tonight, she won’t be at the porch doing her thing. And that the bells from her collar will never tinkle again. That she won’t be growing old with us. We buried her in the garden, next to Adrianna, her old pal.

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RIP Melanie. I hope there’s plenty of salmon cookies and durian where you are now. And that you’re able to wander around without a worry that cars might run over you. We love you and will miss you loads.

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