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January 17, 2017


Yesterday, I found myself in a situation I didn’t like – a crossroad between what I wanted to achieve vs how I was conditioned throughout my career. I have forgotten what it was like to be carefree and how to live the moment. Certain life situations (including work) have made me uptight, in ways I […]

“Not winning made me work harder.”
January 29, 2015

“Not winning made me work harder.”

I would occasionally have random train of thoughts on the way to work since I commute via train and there’s nothing much to do besides surfing the net or reading a book. And considering how packed the train gets during peak hours, reading a book can be challenging when you have one hand holding onto the […]

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain…

This past two weeks has been quite productive (and hectic) for me. I think I’m pretty much on track with regards to the blog and things are starting to pick up at work. Of course there’s still the occasional work stress but that’s expected. Haven’t had time to catch up with friends the way I […]

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