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It’s been a while since I put petrol in my own car – rif usually does it for me. Yes, I’m pampered that way. I don’t quite know how to put air in my tyres either because he’s been doing that for me too. I’m sure I can manage fine on my own, but since he likes doing it, I gladly let him. :lol:


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Was on my way to Empire last night and thought I’d stop by Shell in SS15 to refuel. The new petrol dispenser sucks big time. I hope it’s not just me, because that would mean I’m a noob. But seriously, I like the old nozzle better.

If you don’t know how to use the new dispenser, you might end up with petrol all over yourself. That happened to me last night fml. :cry: No wonder my mum and sisters pay RM2 for the attendant to refuel for them. The damn thing disposed petrol on my clothes and bag. So much that I had to run to the bathroom to clean up the mess.

Thank goodness I wasn’t followed or marked, because my friend told me there have been many cases in that petrol station. :shock: And he too, found the new petrol dispenser a pain to use. I’ll just let rif do the petrol pumping from now on. Since he does a better job than I.


Prawn with fried yam. The latter had a strong alkaline smell and taste.

Sat through dinner smelling of petrol, despite washing up twice. Better set reminder to buy lottery ticket. Here’s my dinner of Peking duck, noodles and siew yuk. Didn’t like the noodles, because they used duck meat instead of pork.


Peking duck roll, siew yuk, Hokkien mee and duck leg

Am drafting my Marina Bay Sands post on food and the food pictures are evil, I tell you!

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