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A Letter To Our Daughter

by Bangsar Babe

To our daughter,

We have finally made it to the 40-week mark and it has been an incredible yet challenging journey thus far. I never knew my heart could accommodate so much love until you came along and showed me it’s possible. While I tried my best to keep you safe and nurtured all these months, my biggest fear was failing to provide you with the best possible care as you grew inside me.

This journey has been nothing short of joy and a period of discovering my capabilities and ability to withstand anything for your sake. Every bit of your movement and kicks, although occasionally uncomfortable assured me that you’re coping fine. And it was what kept me determined to pull through the obstacles along our way.

The doctors had high hopes for us despite our rocky situation, so I promise to try even harder to make sure you’re strong enough for the world you’re meant live in. Your daddy has been my greatest support during these months and he too, will be your rock and shoulder to lean on for the rest of his living days.

I cannot wait to teach you all that I know about life; and the lessons I’ve received from my own mother. They will come in handy I’m sure, when you grow up and are ready to experience the different stages of life. Daddy and I will do our best in raising you and we hope you’ll grow to be the best version of yourself.


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