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Shiseido Professional Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence

by Bangsar Babe

Haircare is something I recently took seriously, when I realised my hair condition isn’t as good as it was before. There are more breakages and my hair has gotten thinner and limper over the years. When I started using Adenovital Scalp Essence V by Shiseido Professional, I noticed an improvement in my hair – it promotes hair growth and adds volume.


At the launch of the Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence


Made our own terrarium during the launch


The brand recently launched the Advanced Scalp Essence, also formulated with Shiseido Professional’s Gene Activation Technology to promote hair growth using a unique biogenic active ingredient – Adenosine. This new and improved formula includes the AP Stimulator, a formulation extracted from apricots to further stimulate hair growth in resting hair root cells. That means more hair growth!


Raymond Choon, sharing his thoughts on Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence

Among the beauty ingredients are Ononis extract, Perilla extract, Ashitaba extract and Lingzhi extract; some of the key formulations of the Advanced Scalp Essence range. This helps strengthen strands so your hair is stronger, healthier and more lustrous. It has an anti-graying element too so if you have grey hair, I was told this product will help darken the shade. I wouldn’t know how effective this anti-greying element is so I can’t comment on this.


Obviously, I have no talent in assembling a terrarium.


If you have any hair thinning concerns, I highly recommend you try Shiseido Professional’s Adenovital Range. I’ve been using it since December last year and my hair feels thicker and stronger. I believe the new Advanced Scalp Essence would yield even better results since it combines the AP Stimulator, which stimulates even resting hair root cells. This means your hair thinning woes are over!


Giving away five bottles of Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence to five lucky readers!

To use, apply a total of 20 pumps evenly to the entire scalp (twice a day) and massage it in. Based on personal experience with the its predecessor, I saw results within 2-3 weeks. The Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence is available in all Shiseido Professional stores nationwide starting August 2016.


A bottle is priced at RM330

To celebrate such a great product, I’ll be giving away 5 bottles of Shiseido Professional Adenovital Advanced Scalp Essence (worth RM330 each). All you need do is state the new formula that the Advanced Scalp Essence contains in the comment box below and you might walk away with a bottle of this incredible scalp essence. ;)

Giveaway promo ends this 23 June 2016. Hurry now!

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