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My skincare routine, simplified!

by Bangsar Babe

I’ve never been a fan of double cleansing because I feel too much cleansing strips away all the moisture on my face, which might cause more fine lines to appear. This is also why I don’t fancy putting on heavy make-up because that would mean I need to clean my face several times to make sure there’s no make-up residue left.


When I first got accustomed to Duo’s Cleansing Balm, I was sceptical about its claim of “thoroughly cleansing without drying the skin”, that there’s no need for double cleansing. I gave it a shot and after close to 6 weeks, I find myself enjoying this cleansing balm.


It is easy to use – just a small scoop (no more than a 10cent coin) and all you need to do is massage it onto your skin and allow the balm to do its job. Upon application, the balm will melt and gently remove all dirt and makeup on the skin’s surface, while providing anti-aging properties to your skin.


One scoop is all you need to cleanse the entire face

There are 31 ingredients for aging care in this formula, including 24 kinds of plant extract, vitamin C, nano collagen, nano hyaluronic acid and nano ceramide which leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. No “tight” feeling after each cleansing session, which I like.


Glides across easily and melts as you apply the balm onto face

Duo Cleansing Balm is also convenient to use as it’s easy to carry along when I travel. One small scoop is all you need to cleanse your entire face – just massage the balm all over your face including the eye area (it’s gentle enough) and wash the residue with room temperature or warm water. I prefer room temperature water as warm water tends to leave my skin slightly red.


Massage gently onto face, and don’t forget the eye area!

I’m not sure if there’s a significant difference in my skin but I find it more hydrated each time I use the cleansing balm. Makeup sits better without usage of primer, and I find the fine lines around my eyes less pronounced due to better hydration. My blackheads have become less noticeable, especially around my nose and open pores area.


Duo Cleansing Balm contains 31 ingredients for aging care

The scent is also very mild so it’s easy to get accustomed to. Overall, I do find Duo Cleansing Balm very suitable for my skin and I like how it combines five functions – cleansing, washing, keratin-care, massage-aid and treatment into one application.


Pat skin dry and then work in your skincare for the day/night. Check out how my skin looks instantly brighter after cleansing!

My nighttime routine is simplified and all I need to do after cleansing is to apply a night moisturiser and I’m all set. Saves time for people on the go such as myself!


Duo Cleansing Balm is priced at RM193.65 (includes shipping cost) and is available for purchase HERE. If you’re looking for an all-in-one cleanser that nourishes the skin, give this a try and let me know what you think!

Read more for more information about Duo Cleansing Balm and its benefits.

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