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Makeup for Monolids

by Bangsar Babe

Beauty writer: Angeline Tan

Anyone here feels my pain on eye-makeup for monolids?

The struggle is real, and it has been since my love affair with makeup began. How could I even try to get a decent eye look when my flat and flabby eyelids roll over any colour I try to put on? And don’t get me started on eyeliner! When I first started playing with makeup I, very literally, had panda eyes because that’s how thick my eyeliner needed to be if I wanted it to be seen.

It didn’t help that there was barely anyone that I could look to for guidance. Today it’s so much easier with social media and YouTube, but just 5 years ago it was difficult to find an Asian girl with monolids that could teach you some tips and tricks on how to battle out your painfully stubborn eyes.

Despite social media today, I think the advice we get for monolids is still not enough. A lot of the time I feel like it’s barely addressed, and the makeup-Pros always just brush it aside as if there isn’t a real hurdle to overcome here.

But I understand your pain. Oh, I really really do.

I’m not saying I’m an expert on makeup, and I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m skillful. But I am very passionate about it, and believe me, my journey with makeup has been paved with trials and tests that my stubborn eyes have put me through. So, I’d love to share what I have discovered to work for me, and I hope that this will work for you too! :)

It’s a simple tutorial on how I like my daytime-glam, but it definitely includes all the tips I have on working with monolids and trying to make my small Asian eyes appear bigger!

Angeline Tan is a university student, beauty enthusiast and part-time professional bathroom singer. She enjoys travelling, overspending on theatre shows and snuggling her overweight golden retriever. Her talents include having way too many opinions and mastering the art of telling dramatic stories.

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