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Perfect Lips in 5 Minutes

by Bangsar Babe

Beauty writer: Angeline Tan

I believe nothing empowers a woman more than putting on lipstick.

It is your ammunition, and whenever you need, a quick wipe of it on the lips will have you looking ready to conquer the world. Any beginner to makeup always starts with lipstick, because it’s easy and effortless! Plus, the choices are endless, and the colours beautifully reflect your personality. Are you simple in nude, or bold and daring in red? Are you fun-loving with your gloss, or do you prefer it crisp and clean with something matte? Or, is simply one wash of colour too boring for your big personality?

Lip make-up doesn’t always have to be plain, and it can be so much fun to get creative with your lips! Here are 5 lip looks that are quick and easy:

Look #1: Dazzling Nude

A simple nude lip not doing enough for you?



I like to add a lip-topper to spice it up. I found this one in Shu Uemura but you can use anything else you can find. In pictures it looks like any normal gloss, but when light catches you in movement, the slight blue-tinted sheen definitely demands attention. Here’s a way to keep people wondering!

Products used:
– Tarte, Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘get it’
– Shu Uemura, Supreme Shine in ‘SS BL 042’


Look #2: Perfect Pout

My lips are small and thin, but I love how makeup can give me the illusion of a pout I’ve always wanted, and it’s just as easy as it looks!



Outline your lips with a dark colour, and then overlay it with a much lighter shade. Pat, pat, pat. Blend everything until it doesn’t look strange, and suddenly you’ve magically transformed your thin lips into a beautifully pouted one!

Products used:
– Tarte, Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘killin’ it’
– Tarte, Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘pillowtalk’


Look #3: Korean Tint


K-beauty is known for their effortless and natural looks. I like the faded tint of the famous Korean gradient-lip, but I think the matte look makes me seem too pale. It’s simply not my style.



After patting some colour at the very inner-centre of my lips, it’s important that I wait for it to dry. Though I do have to warn you, if you have thin lips like me you should pat with care and precision! Otherwise you won’t get the desired gradient effect, but instead end up with a full lip of colour. Once the colour has dried, apply any clear lipgloss for a juicy look!

Products Used:
– Tarte, Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘extra’
– Chanel, Brilliant Levres in ’68′

Look #4: Be Bold



If you’re looking for an easy but show-stopping look, this is one for you. The Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘fly’ is a striking colour on it’s own, but adding a white line down your bottom lip screams “look at me!” It’s the perfect look for concerts or festivals.

Products Used:
– Tarte, Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘fly’
– NYX, White Liquid Liner


Look #5: Own the Dark

I love a dark lip!


But what I love even more is adding highlight to it. With a dark lip, it’s always important to line your lips as it avoids any messy lines. Then, I like to start off by modestly tapping in some highlight all over my bottom lip, and go for it as much as you like — the sky is the limit. For a high-shine look, use your finger to pat on highlight. Most importantly, with your finger sweep on highlight onto your cupids bow.


Not only does this look help you create a pout, but the sheen on your cupids bow against your dark lips look so effortlessly glamorous!

Products Used:
– ColourPop, Lippie Pencil in ‘Lady’
– NUDESTIX, Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil in ‘Raven’
– Tarte, Amazonian Clay Highlighter in ‘stunner’

Angeline Tan is a university student, beauty enthusiast and part-time professional bathroom singer. She enjoys travelling, overspending on theatre shows and snuggling her overweight golden retriever. Her talents include having way too many opinions and mastering the art of telling dramatic stories.

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