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Federterme Thermal Spas, Italy

by Bangsar Babe

Italy is said to be a land of sacred and curative waters, excellent for rheumatism, arthritis, health problems and anti-aging. These waters come from thermal springs, home to some of the best quality muds and sulphur rich waters in the world. I was recently invited by FEDERTERME (Italian Federation of Thermal Industries and Curative Mineral Waters) to experience the secret to Italian’s youth and vitality via Thermal Spas in Lazio.


Terme di Vulci Glamping & Spa

Those who want to experience the best of nature and resort lifestyle should consider Terme di Vulci Glamping & Spa as it offers the best of both worlds. With luxury glamping sites that accommodates couples, small families or larger groups, guests at Terme di Vulci will enjoy total rejuvenation from four different thermal pools of different temperatures and food made using the freshest products in the region.


Terme di Vulci Glamping & Spa offers four different thermal pools of different temperatures





Gorgeous property


Luxe glamping facilities


Ristorante La Punta | Terme di Vulci

The views here are pretty spectacular, with lavender and herb gardens adorning the walkways around the property. I reckon the best time to visit would be Spring and Autumn, since you get to enjoy the cooler climate while immersing yourself in thermal treatments.


Terme di Vulci Glamping & Spa
Via delle Terme, 01011
Canino VT, Italy
Tel: +39 0761 438574

Terme dei Papi, Viterbo

Terme dei Papi in Viterbo was popular among the Popes, as the thermal waters and mud were said to be an ailment for bone aches. Located just an hour from Rome city centre, Terme dei Papi is a great destination for those looking for some thermal R&R amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.


Terme dei Papi, Viterbo

With thermal baths, spa, hotel and restaurant within the property, it’s no wonder this thermal spring is so popular among tourists and locals. The monumental pool spans across two thousand square metres, filled with hyperthermal waters from Bullicame Spring.



Monumental Pool at Terme dei Papi

There is also a Natural Grotto – a stone cave with therapeutic properties beneficial for the skin, respiratory tract, joints and metabolism. This natural wet cave boasts an extremely high internal temperature (45-48°C), useful for treating rheumatism, gout and respiratory inflammations.






For guests wanting to spend a few days at Terme dei Papi, HOTEL NICCOLÒ V****S offers accommodation packages dedicated to the care and well-being of the mind and body. With three restaurants on site, one can enjoy different culinary experiences using organic and biodynamic produce from local suppliers.


Terme dei Papi,
Strada Bagni 12
01100 Viterbo, VT
Tel: +39 0761 3501


Acqua & Terme Fiuggi


Fiuggi Water

Fiuggi is known for its Acqua di Fiuggi, which flows from natural springs and Ernici Mountains. The water is known for its healing properties – said to cure kidney stones. It is also purported to be an anti-aging solution for those to consume Acqua di Fiuggi regularly.



Fiuggi Citta



I find the water in Fiuggi very light and refreshing, especially when consumed in summer. We also visited the old Fiuggi, known as “Fiuggi Citta” by the locals. It’s a medieval fortified village that started before Roman times.


Acqua & Terme di Fiuggi
Via Anticolana, 78
03014 Fiuggi FR, Italy
Tel: +39 0775 783301


Terme di Pompeo – Ferentino


Terme di Pompeo, Ferentino

I had the most amazing facial experience at Terme di Pompeo, the experts of spa mud treatment in Ferentino. Boasting tradition with state-of-the-art facilities, Terme di Pompeo’s spa programmes centres around thermae, beauty, relaxation and health.


Inhalation treatment at Terme di Pompeo



Spa rooms at Terme di Pompeo


Mud facial at Terme di Pompeo

Treatments at Terme di Pompeo isn’t just a “simple, relaxing massage” but a customized ritual for the face and body from a team of highly specialised professionals. I found the inhalation treatment very helpful for my lungs as I’ve been dealing with bouts of dry cough and sinus problems – 10 minutes of treatment provided great relief!

20220705_165134236_iOS 1


Relaxation room post facial / massage

As an avid masker, I’m impressed with the facial mud mask from Terme di Pompeo. So much so that I purchased a large bottle of it to enjoy back at home. It’s truly the most gentle and hydrating mud mask I’ve tried.


Terme di Pompeo, Ferentino
Via Casilina km. 76
03013 Ferentino
Tel: +39 0775 244114


Terme Vescine


Amazing view at Terme Vescine


Terme Vescine lies on a lush hill in Suio Terme – with 48 rooms, three restaurants, two outdoor pools and a large spa facility comprising mud therapy, inhalation treatments, massage therapy and balneotherapy.


The two outdoor pools (Smart and Relax) contain high mineral contents in hyperthermal sulphurous waters, providing cure for skin problems, body aches and osteo-articular diseases. Treatments are approved by AMIITTF, an association of the most qualified Italian Thermal Doctors.


Spa centre


Due to its strategic location, Terme Vescine allows guests to enjoy mini cruises on the Gulf of Garta and Pontine Islands, local food and wine tours and cultural visits to Rome, Naples and Pompeii, on top of its thermae spa treatments.





The ample space (31 hectares) allows for events, gala dinners and weddings to take place effortlessly with the support of three restaurants and plenty of on-ground staff.


Terme Vescine
Via delle Terme, 417
Suio di Castelforte, Italy
Tel: +39 0771 670007


Acque Albule – Tivoli


Acque Albule – Tivoli


Just half an hour from Rome city centre by train, Acque Albule is a relatively new spa and wellness centre in Rome. The waters from the Acque Albule spring are sulphurous and hypothermal, which flow from Lake Regina and Colonelle, hence the name – Acque Albule.



With an extensive range of spa and treatment services, indoor and outdoor pools and medical treatments, no wonder Acque Albule is a popular destination for those seeking spa and wellness experiences in Rome.



1700 year-old tree at Acque Albule park

Within Acque Albule is Victoria Terme Hotel, a charming property overlooking the pool and park. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, and you’re just 40 minutes away from Rome airport – a destination to consider if you’re visiting Rome!


Acque Albule
Via Tiburtina Valeria
00019 Tivoli Terme Roma.
Tel: +39 0774 408500

Prior to this trip, I only pegged Italy as the land of good food, amazing wines and great shopping. Federterme showed me another side of Italy, through an eye-opening experience of the best Thermal Spas in Lazio.

The four days spent experiencing the Thermal Spas in Lazio gave me a sense of peace and relaxation after my initial two hectic days of shopping and eating in the city centre. My body is rejuvenated and my skin, more supple. If you’re heading to Rome, have thermal spring spa as part of your itinerary! For more information about Thermal Spas in Italy, visit FEDERTERME’s Official Site.

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