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Perfect Brows in 10 Minutes

by Bangsar Babe

If I’m ever forced to choose one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would definitely be something brow related. I’m not blessed with nice thick eyebrows so it’s important that I know how to draw them on nicely. And whether or not you’re blessed (with nice brows), knowing how to draw a good strong brow is a skill that will take you places. Trust me, brow-snobs totally judge you by your brows!

For me, Benefit Brow products really changed my brow game. I remember everything looked so shiny and pretty, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and play. I recently sat down with one of Benefit’s brow experts and I learned so much about these products. They also just launched the Brow Contour Pro which I managed to get my hands on. So here’s the scoop…

Always, always, ALWAYS have well groomed brows. This is the very first step to any brow look. #brow101

When I was 14, I learned Benefit tips on how to properly groom and shape your eyebrows through a magazine. Ever since, I have never had to get my brows professionally waxed! But if you’re nervous about trying it out yourself, you can always pop by a Benefit Brow Counter and have them shape your brows for you! And don’t be afraid to ask them about Brow Mapping, cause that’s where all the brow secrets hide.

Benefit has 4 brow styles — the Straight, the Feathered, the Natural and the Contoured. I’ve created 4 short videos for you, so you can learn in no time how to create the brow of your dreams. #yourewelcome


There’s one brow-kit giveaway for each brow style. You might be one of the lucky four to go home with a Benefit Brow Kit! And it’s so easy to win — all you have to do is watch the brow-style video and answer the question at the end of the video. Comment your answer on Bangsar Babe’s Facebook video-post and you stand a chance to win!

So what do you think? Which brow-style is for you? :)

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