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A lesson from a veteran

by Bangsar Babe

As someone who’s been blogging for more than 8 years, I consider myself one of the pioneers when it comes to the blogging industry. Jien and I receive emails on a daily basis, mostly for reviews and advertorials. And while we try to accommodate those requests as best as we can, it is hard to make everyone happy.

I’ve encountered and worked with great people (from PR and brands) who have helped and grown with the Bangsar Babe brand over the years. These people are now good friends of mine even though we no longer have a working relationship. But there are also many incidences where I’ve dealt with people who are unprofessional and a complete waste of time to help, which hardened me as a person (I’m human too) and forced me to rethink my decisions to help others.

Little did I realize these experiences have made me rigid in my replies and I failed to see what I’ve become; indifferent. It was only when I started my agency that I saw this from a bigger picture. Another perspective.

As a marketeer, my team and I deal with all sorts of influencers on a regular basis. Some of them are a nightmare to work with while others are so pleasant, it was humbling.

I’ve liaised with newbies who think they are “all that” and some even told my team members to “get in line” on their waiting list. But it was an email reply from this veteran in the F&B industry that humbled me as an influencer myself. This person obviously gets more invites than I do (I presume so) and yet, took the time to craft a polite email reply to my colleague.

It was then that I was forced to re-look at the way I responded to PR and brand invitations in general. I will admit — I’ve always had an SOP for accepting or declining an invite / job. Which isn’t rude but it wasn’t personal either. The brand that I stand for (Bangsar Babe) isn’t one that is cold. Yes, I’m strict when it comes to the way I manage my brand but it was never my intention to be cold.

Though the standard reply I’ve been sending out indicates otherwise. And it was this very email reply from the veteran writer that hit me — I need to work harder. Jien needs to work harder. If someone this established can still take the time to craft a polite and personal email reply, there is no excuse for me not to.

So to those who received not so personal replies from myself or Jien, I apologize. We promise to try harder. And to the veteran writer, thank you. Thank you for humbling me and making me see beyond all the negativity there is in the blog-client world.

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