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by Bangsar Babe

I spend a great deal of time creating and curating content for my blog and social media channels, and many of my updates are timed accordingly. It is rare that I would post a photo online immediately, without considering the impact or consequences of what I put out there.

I write and prepare my blog and social media contents the night before and time them to launch the following day. On days I’m exhausted and incapable of typing, there will be no blog post. Social media posts are done on the train when I commute to work, lunch hour and when I head home.


I curate my content online, so don’t assume I have nothing to do at the office

In one post, I could be in Beijing climbing the Great Wall of China and drinking wine in Hunter Valley in the next update. These are curated content and things I want to share with my readers and fans. All carefully thought through and planned according to time.

For you my fellow peers who talk about how “free” I always seem, think again.

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Tasha Vaz July 9, 2015 - 3:46 pm

Wow … some really nosy people out there . While we write to release stress and clarify things , people would just end up thinking what they want to think anyways . And I believe ( not always easy ) ignorance is the best … and as long as you’re surrounded with people who love you, Rif, that should be sufficient . Until people walk in your shoes , they will never understand … I hope you feel better


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