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I still remember the first McDonalds birthday party I attended – I was 7, and my classmate invited me to his birthday do at the Bangsar outlet. It was also the first time I had fast food, much to mum’s dismay hahaha!

Mum didn’t allow me to have birthday parties in fast food restaurants, so I had my parties at home. I still remember helping her prepare party packs for my friends. Looking back, I’m grateful that mum made effort in ensuring I had a good time on my birthday.

I was talking to her a few days back and she asked what I had planned for my birthday this month. When I gave it more thought, there’s a part of me that wants to celebrate my birthday in McDonald’s. Because I never got my McDonald’s party as a kid.

The Happy Meals, party packs and Ronald greeting the birthday boy/girl; I wanted all that when I was a kid. And I attended many birthday celebrations at McDonald’s during my early school days, but they were never my party.

Which is probably why amidst the planning of good food and bubbly for my birthday this year, the little girl in me still yearns for a McDonald’s birthday party. :)


I can’t locate any photos of my birthday parties as a kid, but I do have one of me as a baby. Yes, I was once fat. :P

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