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Southern Rock Seafood, Bangsar

by Bangsar Babe

Southern Rock Seafood in Bangsar no doubt serves the freshest oysters and seafood I can find in Klang Valley. I’ve been getting my seafood supply from them regularly, especially since rif and I dine at home more regularly these days. On special occasions, I would get them to shuck a dozen of their best oysters for me to indulge, in the comfort of my home.


Southern Rock Seafood occupies two shoplots in Bangsar


“First man gets the oyster. Second one gets the shell.”

They recently renovated the shoplot next door and turned it into a restaurant that complements their initial business of supplying seafood. Southern Rock Seafood now serves freshly prepared fishes of the day, the finest oyster selection and specialty dishes, paired with a good enough wine list.


Clockwise from bottom right: Irish Premium, Gallagher, Belon, Creuses, Fine de Clair & Irish Premium (all two each)


The bar is the most popular spot


Bubbly to go with the oysters

The highlight of the restaurant is obviously the oyster bar – a hot seat that gets booked up rather quickly because it allows you to see all the action before you’re served the mollusks. That evening, we had the Kitchen Dozen comprising 6 types of oysters (2 each) – Irish Premium, Gallagher, Belon, Creuses, Fine de Clair and West Mersea.


Gallagher Special


Irish Premium


Tragheanna Bay


The Kitchen Dozen (RM160 – 12 pcs)


Belon Oysters –> tastes like a cross between oyster and scallop

We also had the Loch Ryan oysters, which was sweet, mineral-ly and very refreshing. The flesh tasted like a cross between scallop and oyster – which I found rather interesting. I loved the Bloody Mary Shot (RM15 per pop), a cocktail of vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire, topped with a freshly shucked oyster. You basically drop the oyster into the mixture and drink up, taking in all the lovely flavours of the mollusk and cocktail.


Bloody Mary Shot (RM15 per shot)


Mussel Laksa

Mussel Laksa (RM48) is one of the restaurant’s bestseller and rightly so. The laksa broth was aromatic and rich in spices, but the flavours were nicely balanced to allow the mussels to shine. I rather enjoyed this, and even took a spoon to drink up the remaining laksa gravy after the mussels were long gone. If only there was vermicelli to go with this.


Rich, aromatic and full of spices


Alfonsino Fish

The fish specials were the Alfonsino, Red Gurnard and Ocean Trout, beautifully pan-fried and served on a base of mash potato, creamy leek and salsa verde respectively. I liked how fresh the fishes were; as though they were swimming around a while ago. The base they came with were lovely, especially the creamy leek. Really good stuff.


Alfonsino with herbed mash potato (front), red gurnard with creamy leek


Front: Ocean trout with salsa verde


Red gurnard


Manhattan chowder (RM52)

I’m more accustomed to the Boston seafood chowder so the Manhattan version (RM52) at Southern Rock Seafood took some getting used to. This was prepared using a tomato stock base taking flavour from the assorted seafood used. Tasty, but not my kind of chowder.


Mixed seafood in rich tomato & basil broth


Southern Rock Fish Popcorn (RM20) — made with 100% fish and Mary rose sauce

Those who love a good snack should try the Southern Rock Fish Popcorn (RM20), made using 100% fish and served with Mary rose sauce. This was quite a treat, as the balls were compact with the generous amount of fish used. The kitchen team cures their own ocean trout in gin, and the outcome is lovely. I had it with poached egg on focaccia and thought the peppery-sweet flavour of the fish went well with the runny egg.


Gin cured ocean trout with poached egg and seaweed on focaccia (RM28)


Part restaurant, part fishmonger

Southern Rock Seafood does a tasting menu for those who require one, based on your budget per head and number of pax. Do call ahead and speak to the staff if you’re keen. :)

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Southern Rock Seafood
34, Jalan Kemuja,
Bangsar, 59000
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-800-88-3474/ 03-2856 2016

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