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Bankara Ramen, Avenue K

by Bangsar Babe

There’s just something about ramen that I find appealing – springy noodles in thick pork broth, laced with sesame oil and topped with meltingly tender pork slices. Just the thought of it makes me salivate. While I haven’t tried every single ramen bar in town, I do have a few favourites such as Bankara Ramen in Avenue K.


Located on Level 2, Avenue K


Bankara Signature Ramen, with pork belly and char siu

It gets a tad crowded during lunch hour, so meals here are generally quick. We tried the Bankara Signature Ramen, where the broth is made using pork bones and shoyu. The noodles had a good bite; different from the types of ramen noodle I’m accustomed to. I liked the pork belly it came with, as each bite was tender, terrifically seasoned and tasty from the fat.


Love the noodle texture!


Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen is also fairly popular, a sumptuous, milky broth attained by long-cooking the pork bones. The noodles are thinner but just as toothsome, complemented by the fatty slices of char siu.


Springy noodles in rich pork broth

I can’t decide which is better between the two, but I’m more of a milky broth person so I would still pick the Tonkotsu Ramen. If you like your soup less fatty but just as flavourful, then the Bankara Signature would be ideal.



Gyoza is also available although it was nothing to shout about. It does however make a good snack to go with the ramen, especially if you’re a big eater. Note that MSG level is fairly high – I felt thirsty after an hour or so. But I would still go back as the ramen is good.

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Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 7/10 (non halal)
Verdict: One of the better ramen places in town, I reckon.


Bankara Ramen
2nd Floor,
Avenue K
(next to Taste Enclave)
Facebook Page

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