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Celebrating Chinese New Year with a twist!

by Bangsar Babe

I still can’t believe we’re now in 2022 and that Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Just a month ago, I was hosting friends and family over for Christmas and within a week, the Christmas tree was put away and Chinese New Year décor displayed – to usher in the Year of the Tiger.

Jien and I enjoy having our friends and loved ones over throughout the duration of Chinese New Year to celebrate and spend time catching up. I prefer doing my catch-ups at home as I try as much as possible to avoid going to public spaces for the sake of my two little ones. Also, I like the comfort of dining in my lounge.


I’m using proscuitto and salami for my yee sang


These cured meats give the yee sang a richer flavour and more umami, I feel!

For Chinese New Year this year, I’ve decided to skip the traditional salmon / jellyfish yee sang and instead, serve yee sang with prosciutto and salami. If you haven’t tried this combination, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! I love the smoky and peppery notes from the salami and the texture of the prosciutto really complements the light and tangy yee sang dressing.


Prep work before we toss!


Simonini Prosciutto Di Parma Affettato


Chorizo on Yee Sang



Golden crackers for more “prosperity”. Sprinkling the crackers symbolises gold and prosperity pouring into your home.

I got this inspiration from Jien, who commented that yee sang always tastes the same everywhere because it’s often salmon slices on top haha! If you’re looking to “pizzazz” your yee sang, try it with some cold cuts like prosciutto, salami or even smoked salmon for a bolder flavour.





Moscato goes well with yee sang as it’s light, sweet and refreshing.

For wine pairing, I feel the Santero Moscato D’Asti D.O.C.G. pairs quite nicely as this semi-sparkling wine is easy to drink and lends a sweet finish at the back of the palate. Not everyone I know enjoys a Riesling, so the Moscato is perfect to cater to all. 😊



Truffle butter with toasted sourdough bread

We also had some sourdough, dipped in white truffle butter. It’s one of my favourite appetisers to prepare – combine high quality salted butter with a generous dollop of white truffle sauce and a pinch of maldon seasalt for flavour. I used Giuliano Tartufi White Truffle Sauce to prep this and this butter is always a big hit among our friends.


My secret combo to impress — add black truffle onto noodles and you’ll have a winning dish!


Noodles are always my preferred carbohydrates so we decided to serve our friends some truffle ee-fu noodles for dinner. I picked this little trick up from a chef I worked with a few years back – the earthiness and scent from the black truffle sauce gives the noodles a delicious, luxurious twist. And ever since, I’ve been eating my ee-fu noodles with truffle sauce and (if I’m lucky to get my hands on some) shaved black truffles.




A Chianti always pairs well with noodles


Let it flow!

I paired the noodles with some Piccini Chianti 2013, a smooth medium-bodied wine that isn’t overly expensive yet good to drink. A Brunello or Valpolicella would have been too strong for the noodles since it contains black truffle, so I reckon a lighter wine like a Chianti is more appropriate. My friends thought so too!


These are some of the staple items I have in my kitchen and lounge because I’m always hosting my friends and want something quick and easy to serve them. If you’re looking to stock up, you can get these on Happy Fresh (www.happyfresh.my). Best to stock up early because as you know, delivery partners are busier during festive period. 😉


Cheers, to the Year of the Tiger!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone! May the Year of the Tiger bring you and your loved ones good health, joy and abundance!


Items available on HappyFresh:

Simonini Prosciutto Di Parma Affettato
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Giuliano Tartufi White Truffle Sauce
Giuliano Tartufi Black Truffle Sauce
– PICCINI Chianti 2013 (available at AEON Maxvalu, Mercato or UrbanFresh Marketplace)
Santero Moscato D’Asti D.O.C.G.

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