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Home Updates #2

Home Updates #2

There seems to be a terribly flu bug going around as I’ve been feeling under the weather since last Saturday. It started with sniffles then a blocked nose and sore throat, before the fever kicked in. Managed to keep it suppressed for the first two days with plenty of Vitamin C, but in the end, […]

Kitchen Tales #2

Of late, rif and I try to cook at home because it’s cheaper and supposedly healthier. At least that’s how I feel because we shop for the ingredients and we usually go for quality. Also, I’ve been buying more kitchen items, like a Korean stone bowl, casserole bowl, blow torch and large white plates. Truth […]

Laksa, bar stools and a gift from Microsoft

I love having friends over to our place for a good brunch or dinner session. These days, I prefer to eat in than dine out, because it’s cheaper and more convenient. rif and I are getting more comfortable with hosting small parties as we do this about once a month. Here are some pictures of […]

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