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Laksa, bar stools and a gift from Microsoft

by Bangsar Babe

Finally got the bar stools for our kitchen island. :)

I love having friends over to our place for a good brunch or dinner session. These days, I prefer to eat in than dine out, because it’s cheaper and more convenient. rif and I are getting more comfortable with hosting small parties as we do this about once a month.

Here are some pictures of the laksa party we had with his family recently. I love such parties because you get to assemble your dish to your preference. Maybe I should throw a Taco party next. :D


Laksa party. I made fruit rojak (far right).


Choose what you want


Top it with curry gravy and a dollop of sambal chilli!


Coffee cake by my sister in-law


And some snippets of things over the past few weeks. Nothing particularly interesting since the only travels I do lately are for work. And we all know how painfully boring conferences and corporate summits are. :roll:


Dinner date with rif


Sometimes, I wear boring colours haha.


A gift from Microsoft


The Nokia Lumia 1520!


Good to stop for coffee every now and then


Creme brulee :)

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