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Imagine an experience that gives you relieve from urban pressures and the force of gravity. To allow to you do absolutely nothing but meditate. ;)


Floatation Tank

That experience comes in the form of a floatation tank – something I tried at BE Urban Wellness recently. The tank isolates you from the outside world. It is silent, salty and wet in a therapeutic manner.

It relives you from gravity so your entire body floats horizontally. Even your head floats. And all the muscles that work to hold you up against gravity can let go. In the tank, all external factors are removed — you clear your mind and float calmly.

I was told an hour of sleep in the floatation tank is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep, should you hit delta waves. Being my first time in such an environment, I was more amused than relax. Never felt this calm before so instead of sleeping, I started playing water acrobats with myself hahaha. :P


A quick chat with Liam, on some of my aches and body issues

BE Urban Wellness offers holistic lifestyle programmes by integrating traditional healing therapies and cutting-edge science. Each BE experience starts with 3 in-depth assessments comprising body composition, postural analysis and bio-resonance of the key internal organs), before a one on one consultation to determine the best programme for you.


Liam, giving me a physiological assessment

After my individual assessment, I enjoyed a one-hour session in the oxygen chamber – my favourite feature of BE Urban Wellness.


Oxygen chamber


They also have another oxygen chamber that is smaller but gives the same benefits


Balraj, explaining the concept of the oxygen chamber and how to reduce ear pressure once you’re inside.

The Oxygen Chamber is a therapy that delivers oxygen quickly and in high concentrations to all organs, tissues and body fluids systemically, promoting healing, repairing and detoxifying effects. Other benefits include anti-aging, improve skin condition, reduce fatigue, improve sleep and relieve muscle stiffness.


How it looks like inside the oxygen chamber

I found this session very helpful, especially since I’m always feeling lethargic and tensed. I promoted it to my mum and she subsequently signed up for 10 sessions. She feels it helps in her breathing and complements her morning qigong sessions.


Massage room

I also enjoyed the BE Signature massage – using the essential oil Be Rejuve. My knots and aches were massaged away and this 60-minutes session left me feeling renewed and ‘unknotted’. Very similar to the amazing massages I enjoy in China, without the language barrier.


Really good massage

To know more about BE Urban Wellness, email [email protected] or visit www.beurbanwellness.com.

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BE Urban Wellness

BE Urban Wellness
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Sanjeev April 21, 2014 - 5:46 pm

Not recommended to have petai and/or durian before the session, can die inside the oxygen chamber. or the masseur can die when he/she is stretching ur butt cheeks (real life experience) :P

Bangsar Babe April 23, 2014 - 1:49 am

ROFL only you would think like that. :P


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