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In my years of working, I’ve gone through a number of interviews before securing the position(s) I want. My first interview got me my first job just 2 weeks after graduating, and I remember having sweaty palms despite the freezing cold room. Over time, I got better and more confident when attending interviews.

Ironically, the most difficult interviews I’ve been through weren’t about work; they were pageant interviews. Convincing a panel of (difficult) judges on why you’re the best person to represent your country in the international pageant arena was harder than brain surgery. At least that was how I felt in that moment.


My more recent interview experiences have been awkward because employers turn to Google – to find out more about you before you set foot in the interview room. And I really despise questions along the lines of, “Tell us more about yourself that isn’t on the Internet or in your CV.” :shock:


While it’s not as bad as my gynae experience, I do feel awkward when potential employers question me that way. Sometimes, I wish they would feign ignorance and let me talk about myself and what I like to do.

Do any of you face such problems when you attend interviews? And if you happen to be an employer, must you really Google-stalk your potential employees? :roll:

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