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Met up with Ben for ramen at Menya Musashi in 1 Utama recently. I’ve been here once more than 5 months ago, also the last time I was in this mall. Seems like everyone’s in KL this CNY because the mall was pretty packed.

photo 1

From left: Kuro Musashi Ramen (RM26), Shiro Musashi Ramen (RM26) and Aka Chashu Men (RM30). No, I didn’t eat them all. I had just the Chashu Men. *pats self of back for self control*

photo 3

photo 2

Hello Kiko!

Chris invited us over to dinner on Valentines Day, and cooked us a mean feast. We ate everything, and capped off the meal with her prune cake, topped with brandy and vanilla ice cream. So good!


Staircase leading to the master bedroom

Our new place *should* be ready by end of March. Hopefully no more delays because I really want my own place and kitchen. I will miss my in-law’s taking care of me. They’ve been very nice. A bit too nice sometimes, as I suck in washing the dishes so dad in-law does it for me. And mum in-law feeds me (a bit too much) with her good cooking. Will miss that.


Master bedroom



See through toilet glass

We’re not too pleased about the see through glass in the master bedroom toilet. Yes, I know we’re married but some privacy is still needed. Imagine your other half watching as you do your (big) business … that’s just gross. Our apartment is pretty “open”, with more windows than walls. We also did an interview with Star Property about our new place. :)


Fridge shopping

We’re now in the midst of research and scouting for ideas to furnish our new place. And OMG I never knew washing machine and fridge are THAT expensive!! Honestly, I never do my own laundry except when I was a student in UK *shy*. My maid still washes and irons my clothes for me because I don’t have time to do chores. Try being in my shoes for a week and you’ll understand why.

Bedroom inspiration

Furnishing the place is going to drain our finances even more, and the thought of it gives me the shudders. Good thing is, our unit comes with air conditioning, kitchen top, suction fan and water heater. Sucky part is … I found out we have to pay double the tariff because it’s a SoHo concept apartment.


Living hall inspiration

Anyone wants to sponsor things to put in my new place? I also need to get mirrors. Lots of mirrors #vainpot. Mum is helping me pick a few items for the place since she’s better at this than I am. I jokingly told her I wanted a huge portrait of myself in the living toom and she almost choked on her oats. Lol!


Fashion update:

photo 4

Ruffle-trim peplum dress from Azorias

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