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Mooncakes in Kuala Lumpur 2018

by Bangsar Babe

Mid-Autumn Festival is a big occasion in Malaysia, Singapore and China where hotels and brands compete to showcase their mooncake packaging design and interesting flavours. It is that time of the year where people flock promotion booths placing mooncake orders for gifts and personal consumption.

I’ve had the pleasure of checking out some of this year’s mooncakes and packaging from various brands – some stuck to the classic while others went all out with exciting flavours and colours. Here are 11 mooncake options in Kuala Lumpur to consider this year!


Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur


Known for their durian snowskin mooncakes, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur levels up this year by introducing musang king durian mooncakes which are selling like hot cakes. Each piece retails at RM58 and this is considered one of the best durian mooncakes in Kuala Lumpur.


I’ve always enjoyed their chocolate mooncake series and this year’s offering is just as impressive – the gold dusted chocolate with sesame gianduja and oolong tea ganache (RM47) is worth checking out. The lychee with lotus paste snowskin (RM34.50) is also delicious; smooth and soft with fruity undertones.

Order form here.

Lai Po Heen
Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2179 8885


Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur


Enjoy eight types of baked and snowskin mooncakes from Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur – encased in a traditional red box with gold handle. From the classic pure white lotus to snowskin creations like azuki, musang king and mango, these treats are available for sale from 1st August till 23rd September 2018.


I prefer the baked version but Jien likes the snowskin musang king better, so it depends on preference. The mooncakes are priced from RM32 nett (each) onwards and discount applies for bulk orders.

Order form here.

Celestial Court
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 2717 9988


The Westin Kuala Lumpur


The Westin Kuala Lumpur introduces a premium LED mooncake box designed with the notion of family togetherness and kinship in mind. Seven flavours are available to choose from this year – Pearl of Harmony, Low Sugar White Lotus Paste (with and without yolk), Pearl of Prosperity, Green Tea Cranberries, Red Bean Paste and Mixed Nuts.


This LED Light Box costs RM168 and comes with any four flavours of your choice. Fans of last year’s YUE mooncake box (the one with Bluetooth speaker) can also order it at RM148 per set with four mooncakes of any flavour.

Five Sen5es
The Westin Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2773 8338


Dorsett Grand Subang


Durian makes an appearance in Dorsett Grand Subang’s line-up of mooncakes for 2018. This year, the hotel showcases interesting flavours like Golden Treasure – a Mid-Autumn treat of durian and black sesame paste.


Sapphire Glitz


Golden Treasure

I’m more a fan of Dorsett Grand Subang’s signature mooncake, Sapphire Glitz; made with blue pea flower extract and filled with lotus paste and a single yolk at the centre. A classic done well, I must say. There’s an early bird offer of 15% discount for purchases made before 8th September 2018.

Order form here.

The Emperor
Dorsett Grand Subang
Tel: 03-5031 6060 ext 3033/3032


Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur


Not one to lose out in the mooncake scene, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur is offering a collection of 12 different mooncakes ranging from classic to indulgent flavours. The mooncakes come in an oriental-inspired gift box of four, six or twelve mooncakes.



While classic flavours are a strong suit in Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, one shouldn’t miss out on the dark chocolate snowskin (RM34) and custard and bird’s nest snowskin (RM41). Musang king snowskin is also available for all you durian fans out there, so order yours for RM41 each.

Order form here.

Shang Palace
Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2032 2388


Oriental Group of Restaurants


Chef Justin Hor and his team at Oriental Group of Restaurants are sticking to what they do best – classic snowskin mooncakes made fresh at their outlets, daily. Two flavours are available for personal and also bulk orders; White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk (RM25) and D24 Durian she.


The latter is made using pure durian flesh encased in smooth lotus paste while the white lotus paste is a popular classic among regulars.

Oriental Group of Restaurants (non-halal)
Tel: 03-7932 3288


Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel


Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel goes the extra mile with three limited edition mooncake jewelry boxes – peacock, butterfly and plum blossom. My box of plum blossom design (Price: RM158 per box / RM26 per piece) houses four mooncakes and is designed to function as a storage box after.


There are six baked mooncake flavours to choose from; baked durian with single yolk, pandan paste, pure lotus paste, red bean paste, white lotus paste and mixed nuts. For purchase of 10 boxes in a single receipt, you’ll enjoy a complimentary dinner buffet for 1 at Feast.

Yue Chinese Restaurant
Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel
Tel: 03-7622 8888


St. Regis Kuala Lumpur


Just like the year before, St. Regis Kuala Lumpur stays true to its brand heritage with their signature trunk box, ornamented with studs and silver locket. The classic mooncakes are encased in the purple faux-leather trunk for this year’s celestial celebrations.



The 6.5 inch super mooncake (RM200 per box) comes with 8 yolks and is ideal for those who want to make an impression. Alternatively, go for the regular sized lotus seed paste mooncakes with single yolk, priced at RM140 per box of four. St. Regis Kuala Lumpur will be participating in the mooncake fair at Pavilion KL (Level 3) from 1st till 23rd September 2018 so you can also get your mooncakes there.

St. Regis Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2727 6699


Le Meridien Putrajaya


Chef Michael Wong and his team from Le Mei, Le Meriden Putrajaya has prepared eight mooncake varieties – from classic flavours such as lotus paste with yolk to exciting ones like Illy coffee and raisin mini snowskin and pineapple mango mini snowskin.


Presented in boxes fashioned after Le Mei’s magnificent door, the mooncakes are priced from RM26 onwards per piece. The boxes are customisable (to include corporate logo) so do call and inquire within. 20% discount applies for purchases via selected credit cards.

Le Mei
Le Meridien Putrajaya
Tel: 03-8689 6888


W Hotel Kuala Lumpur

W Mooncake GIF

W Hotel Kuala Lumpur screams hip and cool with their Vinyl DJ Disc Mooncake Box and flavours are created to excite the taste buds. Crafted and handmade by Master Chef Tan Kim Weng and team from Yen Restaurant, expect fun flavours like Supreme Chilli Sauce and classic favourites like red bean paste with mandarin skin.


Fans of durian would enjoy the Musang King Durian, Chef Tan’s take on the classic lotus paste with musang king filing at the centre. Prices start from RM148 nett per box / RM37 nett per piece and the mooncakes are available for sale until 30th September 2018.

Yen Restaurant
W Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2786 8888


Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Dynasty Restaurant’s handcrafted Mid-Autumn creation features 14 types of baked and snowskin variety using pure and natural ingredients. Classics include pandan lotus paste with single yolk, red bean paste and assorted mixed nuts – perennial favourites.



New flavours would be the Dragon Fruit & Lotus Paste with Mango (RM28.80 nett) and White Lotus Paste with Chinese Chestnut (RM29.80 nett). An all-time favourite is the Shanghai lotus paste with single yolk (RM28.80 nett), which happens to be one of my favourite mooncakes to eat.

Dynasty Restaurant
Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2771 6692

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That wraps up my line-up of mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2018. Note that the listing of mooncakes are in no particular order. :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

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