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The Year of Videos

by Bangsar Babe

It was late 2018, when I told Sue Lynn… “Let’s sit down for coffee”. It’s a rarity nowadays to just “sit down and have coffee”. Especially with the little one always seeking for our attention.

I told her that after 12 years of Bangsar Babe, the structure I have put in place for sustainable for the Bangsar Babe platform is finally here. Yes, smartphones have made it easier for us to produce video content but we didn’t want to produce something average. It has to be EXCEPTIONAL.

And what do I mean by exceptional?

The key questions I asked myself was first and foremost, “Would I enjoy creating this content?”

“Is this content something I would want to watch?”

“What are the key attributes I want to be remembered for in this video?”

And on top of that, all these points have to follow Bangsar Babe’s key principles – HONESTY, ETHICS, PASSION, BELIEF, and AUTHENTICITY. All very important key principles in the Bangsar Babe brand.

In fact, video content is not new to Bangsar Babe. We started it back in 2010 (9th July to be exact) but it was not sustainable. To produce the content quality we wanted, it would take Sue Lynn 3 days to produce (4 hours per day). I knew that it was not sustainable, and it was up to me to think of a structure to make sure this process is sustainable.

I also had to look at our previous mistakes, advantages, Sue Lynn’s video persona, and video editing into consideration. I know social media has made it look so easy nowadays. But the hard work we put in behind the scenes is just crazy.

We are grateful for the support you have given to us, our first “relaunch” video Robert Char Kuay Teow has over 8k views and it has only increased since then. Interestingly, our first video back in 2010 was also Robert CKT. Which goes to show how much we like char kuay teow!

In a nutshell, Bangsar Babe’s 12th year has been an awesome year for videos, so stay tuned for a hopefully great 13th year with more videos coming your way!

Best Regards,

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