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Bangsar Babe 10th Anniversary

by Bangsar Babe

Earlier this year, Jien and I considered the idea of celebrating Bangsar Babe’s 10th Anniversary in the form of a cocktail party – similar to the brand’s 8th Anniversary but we were hoping, better. Given how shorthanded we are as a team, we knew the planning for #BB10 wasn’t going to be easy.

Fortunately, Jien and I had help from our good friend Ann Lee, who happens to be one of the best event planner in town. Heck, I actually wanted to hire her for my wedding 6 years ago but she wasn’t available. Together with Ann, we pulled off #BB10 smoothly – from food and drinks, right down to the gown I wore.


Our invite concept this year was unique I must say, as it’s fashioned after a “treasure box” where one needs to unveil the details of the invitation. And me being me, I wanted the invite to be edible so we made sure we got the best (and lasting) sugar cookie recipe and topped it with sugar fondant with edible gold dusting.

The invite was the start of the overall event concept and it was also the most difficult for us to execute. As for the event, we had a good team to back us, led by Ann who has years of experience so things were kept in order and time-keeping was good.

I have to also extend my utmost gratitude to my event partners this year:

  1. Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur – Venue Sponsor
  2. Martell and Chivas – Cognac & Whisky Sponsor
  3. Kronenbourg 1664 – Beer Sponsor
  4. Wedding Isle Gallery – Gown Sponsor
  5. Kiehl’s – Door Gift Sponsor
  6. 1MoreBite – Cake Sponsor
  7. Cocoraw – Dessert Table Sponsor
  8. Party Wonderland – Balloon Sponsor
Bangsar Babe 10th Anniversary

#BB10 Photo Album Part 1 (please scroll to your right)

Bangsar Babe 10th Anniversary (Part 2)

#BB10 Photo Album Part 2 (please scroll to your right)

#BB10 could not have happened without your support, and Jien and I are grateful to have your support this time around. This year, I felt things were more orderly and Jien and I didn’t have to worry much because everything was thoroughly planned and rehearsed prior to the event.


Chef Antoine

I couldn’t have asked for a better event, I dare say. Food was amazing as usual, under the helm of my favourite Chef Antoine and I’m sure everyone who attended #BB10 agreed with me. It’s been a helluva journey for both Jien and I – working based on passion and determination, and defying the odds.

20171102 - Highlights Montage_R3

Highlights for Bangsar Babe 10th Anniversary

Without him by my side, I wouldn’t have come this far. And without the support of my friends and readers, I wouldn’t be standing here today. So thank you! :)

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