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How I juggle between motherhood and everything else.

by Bangsar Babe

Being a new mother and trying to be present for my two little girls isn’t easy, I’ll admit. May Anne and May Jynn are at an age where they need my attention and Le Roy clings on to me almost 24/7 as a newborn.


Constantly on my feet, carrying LR and working

On top of that, I have work to do, clients to manage and a blog with several social media platforms to run. Before I decided on being a mother, I had to make sure I was mentally prepared to always put my children first. And that means sending them to school, preparing their meals and tending to their emotional and physical needs.


I make lunch for the kids daily, from the office.


With LR always clinging to me, it’s gotten quite tough to do it all but Jien and I still made it work. He would help drop the kids off and pick them up while I focus on LR, my work and preparing lunch for the kids. It wasn’t long before this took a toll on my physical health. I was losing weight from the juggling and I hardly have time for myself to eat right.

My gut health hasn’t been great too, due to poor diet and stress. I did a medical checkup very recently and the numbers weren’t great. I was underweight with imbalanced minerals and high good and bad cholesterol from poor eating habits.




This box of ecPlan B was sent to me a couple of weeks back but I didn’t get to it immediately because I didn’t think my body and gut needed it just yet. But when my doctor delivered the not so great news about my physical health, I decided to use ecPlan B as an option to regain some balance in my body.



For the uninitiated, ecPlan B is a health management drink said to replenish minerals and vitamins in your body. It is backed by scientific research and patented ingredients, to improve protein absorption.


Just shake or stir with room temperature water

The instructions on ecPlan B states that this is NOT a meal replacement, but it’s useful for those always on the go. So I’ve been using it as a way to get nutrients and minerals, while juggling my workload and motherhood. This is also safe for breastfeeding mothers, I checked.


It’s been helpful so far, as I don’t feel fatigue or hungry since the combination of matcha and soy bean provides some form of protein to keep me satiated until I get to my proper meal. It’s also said to contain pre and probiotics which I need for my gut health and I noticed I don’t get as triggered by coffee, tea, spicy food or greasy food. Before consuming ecPlan B, I had to run to the loo whenever my stomach didn’t agree with something.

I’ve consumed a box thus far and while I did not gain weight, my gut health seems to have improved. I also don’t get dizzy as often and I’m certainly not as hungry by the time I get to my actual meal so I’ve reduced eating whatever I can find in the fridge or kitchen – which used to be quick fixes like nuggets, ramyun noodles or fried chicken (via food delivery).


For those looking to incorporate nutrients and minerals in your diet, I feel ecPlan B is a reasonable option and one that isn’t difficult to consume. I generally don’t like taking supplementary add-ons because they don’t taste good. This one is pleasant enough to consume.

All you need to do is mix room temperature water and stir / shake well. For water amount, it’s between 200-250ml per packet. I usually do less because I like my drink thicker and creamier. To learn more about ecPlan B, visit Leaniix – Eckare now.

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