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That leap of faith

by Bangsar Babe

About this time a year ago, I tendered my resignation after sitting on the idea of setting up my own agency for many months too long. Part of me wanted to stay in a job I no longer enjoyed because of the pay. But a larger part of me ached to leave because I wanted to pursue the things I love.

But what I soon learnt about following your dreams is this – you will face the test of strength. Your self-confidence will take a beating and there will be plenty of times you ponder and ask yourself why.

“Why did I take that leap of faith?”

I thought the skills I have and the experience I’ve gained over the years were good enough to take me far. Or at least make the journey a lot less difficult. But that wasn’t the case. It was just as difficult if not more, because I had gotten used to the idea of a “nice” office and the status of being in an industry that pays well.

My current office is small and basic – no coffee machine, no printer, no secretary and no office boy. We do everything ourselves. The only thing constant is my daily dose of Starbucks which I enjoy with my intern who shares the same need for caffeine as I do.

Dad asked me how my agency was doing the other day; if I was already successful. The thing is, his definition of success has always been different from mine. I’m quite sure he would be disappointed to learn that I’m not half as “successful” as he was, when he was my age.

And to a certain extent, I am quite disappointed that I’m not progressing as fast as I expected. But despite the setbacks I’ve faced, I feel proud that I took the leap. That I dared to step out of my comfort zone and pursue what I believe in.

While I know I still have a long way more to go, I feel more accomplished than I did in my previous job. Behind the many obstables I face in my current position, I’m actually happy. Content that the huge void I felt last year is no longer there and assured that if I keep working towards my goals, I’ll get there.

Some day.

Would I have done anything differently? Probably not. Not even the bit where I hired the intern with psychological issues. That was a huge learning curve for me and one that I needed, albeit unpleasant. ;)

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