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by Bangsar Babe

I’ve recently grown to appreciate sake – Japanese rice wine that is delicate in taste and clear in colour. It tastes amazing with simple Japanese dishes such as grilled skewered items and sashimi. That way, one gets to truly appreciate the beauty of a particular sake and how smooth it is when swirled around the mouth.

Hakkaisan Honjouzou (2)

Hakkaisan Honjouzou

Hakkaisan Honjouzou (4)

It great when shared with a couple of friends, over good food even better company. Fuji Pacific has always distributed their sake, sochu and whiskies to restaurants, hotels, sushi bars and supermarkets. But they recently started an e-commerce site where you can now purchase your preferred tipple direct from them.

Hakkaisan Honjouzou

I for one am thrilled that I’m able to get my booze online – it is more affordable and I’m assured of “restaurant-level” quality since Fuji Pacific has a solid track record as one of the main distributors in Malaysia. Am definitely going to plan for a sushi and sashimi party soon as I have a reputable source for sashimi and now, Japanese sake/whisky.

Jozen Mizuno Gototshi Sparkling (3)

Jozen Mizuno Gototshi Sparkling

Jozen Mizuno Gototshi Sparkling (2)

Sparkling sake


Chita Single Grain Whisky (2)

Even Sunny (the parrot) wants a sip!

Chita Single Grain Whisky

Chita Single Grain Whisky

Best part is, delivery is free for orders above RM120 within Peninsula Malaysia so all the more reason to shop online! I told a few of my friends about this and they started purchasing from Fuji Pacific. Feedback has been good so far and your alcohol is bubble-wrapped and sealed to ensure the bottles arrive in tip top condition.


Utsukushii Kamogawa Junmai

Kubota Senjyu & Kubota Manjyu

Kubota Senjyu & Kubota Manjyu


Kubota Manjyu

For those who are interested, below are the list of Japanese Sake and Sochu under Fuji Pacific’s portfolio:

  1. Dassai*
  2. Nanbu Bijin*
  3. Ozeki
  4. Kubota
  5. Hakkaisan
  6. Kanchubai
  7. Kirishima
  8. Jozen Mizunogotoshi

* Sole Distributorship in Malaysia

One of my top picks include the Utsukushii Kamogawa Junmai, which is an easy-drinking sake that has a good balance of rice, fruity notes and a clean finish. It is also reasonably priced at just RM135 for a 1.8l bottle, making it a great party starter. Of course, you can opt for the 720ml (RM75) or 300ml (RM30) if you’re planning to consume it alone.


Dassai 23

Dassai 39

Dassai 39

Fuji Pacific is the sole distributor of Dassai (ginjō-shu) so if you’re a fan of this particular sake, Dassai 23, Dassai 39 and Dassai 50 are available for sale. This sake brewing process requires a lot of expertise and care – more than 50% of each rice grain is milled leaving 50% or less of the inner white core. I liked Dassai 39 best as it’s easy to drink. By the way, Dassai is best enjoyed in a wine glass (so I was told).

Fuji Pacific is currently offering a 6 + 1 deal where customers get a free bottle when they purchase 6 bottles of the same sake. Head over to Fuji Pacific to start shopping! :)

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