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Not quite the same, but I’m still grateful

by Bangsar Babe

Birthdays aren’t supposed to be morbid but I couldn’t help but reminisce about how my mother would greet me each year without fail. Her last birthday text read, “Happy and blessed birthday my first born. Will you be coming home for dinner tonight?”


As the clock struck 12, I was tearing because it is my first birthday without my mother. She never forgets to wish me, even when she was ill. I know she would have wanted to wish me this year and the years to come, and it’s just difficult to accept the fact that I won’t be receiving those birthday texts from her anymore. :(

Anyway, sad moments aside, I’m grateful I got to spend my birthday with rif and the people I care about. I know I’ll be eating and drinking very well this week and that I have a lot to be grateful for.


Pre-birthday cake from 1morebite


And another pretty one for the actual day

One of which is my really awesome pre-birthday cake by my sister in-law, who accommodated my whims and fancies and made this gorgeous looking cake which I shared with my closest friends earlier this month. She made another cake for me for my actual day yesterday and it was very pretty as well.



Prime rib — a yearly tradition

rif took me to my favourite steakhouse in KL where I ordered all my favourite things — prime rib and lobster bisque. Going there has become a yearly tradition for me because the food has been consistently good and service, on point. The bottle of red was arranged by my good friend Charles as a surprise, and it was really good.


Thank you Party Wonderland, for delivering the lovely balloons!


More cake from the folks at Prime

And since it’s my birthday week, I might just make myself some red rice wine chicken soup with mee suah this weekend; something my late mother would prepare for me each year. It won’t be as good as hers but it’s still worth a shot.

I’m sure mum is watching me from above and celebrating my day with me, in her own way. :)

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